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The West Point Gun Club is located about 6 miles outside of West Point, Virginia. We hold monthly SASS Cowboy Action Shooting, Double Action Steel, High Power Rifle and Rimfire Steel matches that are open to the public, otherwise the range is reserved for it’s members and their guests and is not open to the public.

WPGC is currently at our membership capacity limit, perspective members will be placed on a waiting list.  In order to be placed on the waiting list perspective member must submit a completed application along with all of the supporting documentation,  see the Membership Section of this web site for additional details.  Perspective members will be processed in the order that the completed applications are received when openings are available.

Mattaponi Sundowners: Nov 20th Scores


Lots of visitors today for this somber occasion.  I’m sure that Gary was glad to see each and every one of you.  After some moving stories and recollections from Flatboat Bob, there were 12 shooters who braved the cool weather and chilling winds.
Congratulations to Ripsaw, the winner and one of only two clean shooters along with Cotton Connie.  All 12 shooters bagged a flying turkey with impressive marksmanship.
Scores attached.
-Swifty McDraw

Mattaponi Sundowners: Gathering for Sassy

The gathering for Sassy will be held at the Vincent Funeral Home Chapel in West Point From 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM. Monday Nov. 21st. Cowboy attire is welcome.


Thank you,


Mattaponi Sundowners: Two Subjects

The Mattaponi Sundowners will be hosting a match this Sunday Nov 20th at West Point Gun Club.  The attached stages were written some time ago by Potter County Kid.  Hope you can join us.  You can try to put some pellets into a miniature flying turkey launched from the popper.  
Gates open at 10, safety meeting is at 12, and shooting starts at 12:30.  Flatboat Bob, a close friend of Potter and Sassy for many years, plans to speak before the match.
There will be a Celebration of Life for Patricia Graves, a.k.a. Sassy Shooting Sours, this coming Monday from 6pm to 8pm at the West Point chapel of Vincent Funeral Home.  The funeral home is 3 blocks south of either downtown traffic light at 417 11th Street.  
Visit www.vincentfh.com to share memories.  If Pat’s obituary isn’t there yet, it will be soon.
-Swifty McDraw


Mattaponi Sundowners: Very Sad News

It is with a heavy heart that I let you, her many Cowboy friends, know that Pat Graves, a.k.a. Sassy Shooting Sours, passed away at about 9:45 p.m. at Walter Reed Hospital in Gloucester VA.

-Swifty McDraw

Mattaponi Sundowners: Sad News Forwarded

Circumstances regarding Sassy’s health has taken a turn of the greatest concern and sorrow. Gary has informed that metastatic cancer is present in both lungs and she has suffered kidney failure. Pat has requested no further medical intervention and is under hospice care. She was moved to the Walter Reed facility in Gloucester, Rm 229 Prayers please for for our friends/family Pat and Gary


Mattaponi Sundowners: Nov 12th Scores

We had ideal weather for a match today and 15 shooters took advantage of it.  Thanks to all for a safe match.
Congratulations to Ripsaw, the winner, and to Buzzard Bayne and One Eyed Jane for shooting clean.
Thanks for helping out during the match and afterward with tear-down.  Our newest helper was Mason, who did an amazing job as brass picker-upper (he’s only 6 !).
Please keep Sassy in your prayers.
Scores attached.

WPGC Membership: Schedule change reminder

There is a cowboy action match scheduled for this Saturday Nov. 12. This match is to make up for not having one on the normal Saturday which would fall on the Saturday after Thanksgiving.

Also, please remember to sign in and out on the range use register in the target shed. This list is used only for numbers in determining most used days. No names are put on any computer or stored on any drives. The pages will be destroyed on a rotation every 6 months.

When locking the front gate please do not pull the chain tight. By doing so it makes it hard for the next member to turn the lock and work the combination. Pulling the chain tight does not make the gate any more secure than using the end link of the chain.

Sorry for any inconvenience and thank you for your cooperation.

Gary L. Graves

President WPGC

Mattaponi Sundowners: Start time Saturday

Howdy All,

I was proud of myself for being able to sent out the stages Monday all by myself, but I did not finish the job. Gates open at 8:00, safety meeting at 9:30, first round down range at 10:00.

I want to thank Dakota Rambler for the reminder.


WPGC Double Action: Thursday DA Match

WPGC will be holding the November DA match on Thursday, November 10. Gates will open at 8:30 and start time will be at 10.00. Beartooth will be doing the stage set up for us with 6 main frame stage, 1 J-frame and 1 1911. Please RSVP. Will we need to have a minimum number to conduct the match. I will send an email tomorrow around 6 pm to confirm the match. Please email me: b4bluegrass@aol.com with your RSVP


Mattaponi Sundowners: Nov. 12 match at West Point

Howdy All,

The Mattaponi Sundowners will be hosting a match at the West Point Gun Club Saturday Nov. 12. This is normally a Pungo Posse weekend, but with hunting season are unable to have access to the Sussex range. So as we have done over the last few years, we will be hosting the match since we do not shoot on our normal Saturday match that would take place right after Thanksgiving. The stages are written by Ripsaw and are attached. We hope that you all can join us.


I am asking for prayer support from the cowboy community. Sassy is not improving at all. In fact even with prescribed pain meds she is still in constant pain and is virtually immobile without assistance. Neither of us has worked going on 2 weeks now. Wednesday she has an appointment with a Pain management specialist and are hoping for positive results.

Thank you ,

Potter County Kid

2022 Nov 12 WP [7145] Ripsaw