Welcome to the West Point Gun Club

This website is the online home of the West Point Gun Club.

The West Point Gun Club (WPGC) is located about 6 miles outside of West Point, Virginia. We hold monthly SASS Cowboy Action Shooting, Double Action Steel, High Power Rifle and Rimfire Steel matches that are open to the public, otherwise the range is reserved for it’s members and their guests and is not open to the public.

WPGC is currently at our membership capacity limit, perspective members will be placed on a waiting list.  In order to be placed on the waiting list prospective member must submit a completed application along with all of the supporting documentation,  see the Membership Section of this web site for additional details.  Prospective members will be processed in the order that the completed applications are received when openings are available.

Fall work day

WPGC Members,

Saturday September 30 will be our annual Fall work day at the range. We will be refacing and repairing our target stands, cleaning out holes to put the target stands in, drilling holes for electrical wires and insulating in the storage shed. Tools that may be helpful are battery operated drills and screw drivers, staple gun, pruners, rake, and leaf blowers. 
We will start at 8:00 and work as long as we need to. You do not have to stay the whole time. Even just an hour or two will be helpful. 
Thank you,
Gary L. Graves 
President WPGC 

Range open to all members this Saturday 9/23

Hi All,

Due to the expected rain on Saturday, the Cowboy Action Match has been cancelled and the range will be open for general usage all day.

I hope everyone has a great weekend and always remember “keep your powder dry”

Thank you,


Clark Faulconer

Vice President and Membership director

West Point Gun Club

Mattaponi Sundowners: Shoot For A Cure

The Mattaponi Sundowners are making preparations for the annual American Cancer Society benefit match. This year the match will be held on Sunday October 15. This will be the Pat Graves (Sassy Shooting Sours) Memorial Shoot for a Cure Match. There is no application, but I am asking everyone to pre-register for this match. The West Point Gun Club will donate an additional $5.00 for each shooter that pre-registers and attends the match. All that is required is for you to email me at 97graves@gmail.com or text me at (804) 241-5418 with your alias and category. You do not need to prepay. Bring your money to the match.
Once again Green Top is donating a $500.00 gift card for us to raffle. I am looking for volunteers to help me work a booth at the Green Top Outdoor Expo on October 7th and 8th. The goal is to sell raffle tickets and promote Cowboy Action Shooting. If you can help me out with this please let me know by email at 97graves@gmail.com or call/text me (804) 241-5418.
Please let me know if you have any items to donate for sale, raffle, or auction. I have a new-in-the-box Dillon 550 reloader. Prairie City Slim is donating a cap and ball pistol. Marshal P.C. Wabash has made an elephant hide trifold wallet. Mrs. P.C. Wabash a beautiful hand made quilt. Corkscrew Tom is making and donating a stool.
Let’s make this a special event in honor of Sassy!
Thank you,
Potter County Kid

Mattaponi Sundowners: Sunday Results


It was partly cloudy at the range today, with a nice breeze to help keep cool when the sun came out.  Some drizzle blew in during stage 5, but it blew away during stage 6.  Overall, a nice day for a Cowboy match.
Congratulations to Cody Maverick for winning the match, to Potter County Kid for winning the Josey Wales category, and to the six shooters who shot clean all day: Flatboat Bob, Kidd At Heart, Mac Moshannon, One Eyed Rooster, Feather, and One Eyed Jane.
Scores attached.
The Pat Graves Memorial Shoot for a Cure match will be held on October 15.  That’s only 4 weeks from today.  Watch for details coming soon.
-Swifty McDraw

Mattaponi Sundowners: Fwd: Cavalier Cowboys Pungo Posse Updates

Here’s a message from our friends at Pungo Posse, with a Registration Form for SCRW attached.


Howdy Pards & Pardettes …

Just wanted to let you know that there have been a lot of updates to the PP webpage.  Updates include the latest attendance list for Range War 2023 and an updated shooting calendar for 2024 (Accurate, but still awaiting final approval).  The list for Range War was updated today.  The website is located at:  www.pungoposse.com

Please note that just because we dragged our feet getting the SCRW 2023 info out, does not mean you should drag your feet getting your application in.  The form is attached.  Looking forward to seeing everyone!

Kidd AtHeart

SCRW 2023 Application

WPGC Double Action match results

The weather really treated us well at the DA match. Thank you all for coming and sharing your time. We will do this again next month. 
Match winners are:
Main Frame Revolver:    Southpaw
J-Frame Revolver:          Southpaw
1911:                              George

WPGC Double Action: Tomorrow’s Match A Go

We have six shooters including myself. Gates will open at 8:30
Please use caution entering and exiting the range. A logging crew is clearing the pine trees along the entrance road. They have heavy equipment. Make sure they see you as you pass. 
Looking forward to a good day. 

Mattaponi Sundowners: Monthly Sunday Match (Josey Wales)

The Mattaponi Sundowners will be hosting a Cowboy Action match this coming Sunday September 17 at the West Point Gun Club.
Gates will open at 10:00, the safety meeting will be at 12:15, and we start shooting at 12:30
Stages by Prairie City Slim attached.  This is our annual Josey Wales match, which allows the option of using two extra revolvers staged and fired in place of the rifle.  If shooting in this category, all four revolvers are fired with one hand, either Duelist style or Gunfighter style.  A flyer is attached with a summary of the rules.
-Swifty McDraw