Shoot for a Cure

The West Point Gun Club (WPGC) and the Mattaponi Sundowners
are proud to announce the 2024
Pat Graves Memorial Shoot for a Cure
It’s a bit early to be writing about a Cowboy Action match in October, but this one is our annual charity match that we host during breast cancer awareness month.  Pat (a.k.a. Sassy Shooting Sours) started the Shoot for a Cure match in 2012 and it’s been held every year since then.  A match was held in 2020, but it was not a fund-raiser because the last-minute lifting of Covid-19 restrictions in Virginia left no time for planning.
Last year, we had 47 registered shooters and raised $17,500, increasing the total since 2012 to $92,998.  Every penny is donated to the American Cancer Society (ACS), including match fees and a WPGC contribution of $5 for each pre-registered shooter.  The rest comes from: 1) donations by cash or check; 2) sale of raffle tickets; 3) winning bids on silent auctions; and 4) sale of merchandise “flea-market” style.  All merchandise (for the raffle, for the auctions, or for direct sale) is donated for that purpose.  All donations are tax-deductible and receipts will be available at the match. 
Mark October 20th on your calendar and start thinking about how you might help this worthy cause.  You don’t have to be at the match to make a donation.  Contact Gary Graves (Potter County Kid) at 804.241.5418 or at and let him know your plans.  Ship merchandise to Gary at 3030 King William Ave., West Point VA 23181, or give it to him at a match this summer when you have it available.  If writing a check, make it payable to “American Cancer Society”.
Shoot for a Cure is a single-day 6-stage match.  We have had 66 different shooters in the past 3 years, but not all at one time.  The average is 43, shooting with 3 posses on 3 target bays.  Advance registration is not necessary, but it helps greatly with planning and each one adds $5 to the donation received from WPGC.  There is no form to fill out and nothing to mail.  The match fee will be collected at the match.  For this match only, the fee will be $20 (including club members).  
Registration couldn’t be easier.  Just send Gary an e-mail or text message, or simply reply to this e-mail with the words “I’ll be there” or “I’m a definite maybe”.  I’ll use recent history for your category unless you provide one with your message.  You can verify it or change it when you check in on match day.
Pat’s goal each year was “One Dollar More”.  Let’s make this match the best one yet!
-Swifty McDraw