Rimfire Steel


Rimfire Steel Match

Our Rimfire Steel match is an adaptation of the RCSA (Rimfire Challenge Shooting Association) Rimfire Challenge, which was formerly called the Ruger Rimfire Challenge.  To learn all about it, visit the web page https://www.rimfirechallenge.org/about/ and its links.  We do things a little differently, but we use their rules and procedures as a baseline.

Firing is conducted from a fixed standing position at an array of static steel plates using .22 rimfire firearms.  You have a maximum of 10 rounds to hit 5, 6, or 7 targets “on the clock”.  One is designated the “stop plate” and must be shot last.  Others may be shot in any order, and re-engaged in any order, but all must be engaged at least once before shooting the stop plate.  After your score is recorded and you reload, you repeat strings of fire with the same firearm to complete the stage.  Each match has separate stages for handguns and rifles.  Scoring is a combination of speed and accuracy.

Unlike RCSA matches that use standardized stage descriptions, we design our own stages for each match with a variety of target sizes, shapes, and arrangements.  A typical match might consist of 6 stages with 4 strings per stage, using an average of 6 targets.  For such a match, the round count would be 144 minimum (6*4*6) and 240 maximum (6*4*10).

“Hot” reloading between strings is permitted as long as it can be done safely.  To perform a “hot” reload, the shooter would drop the magazine after firing the stop plate leaving a round in the chamber and insert a full magazine for the next string.  However, all weapons must be cleared by the Timer before the shooter may leave the firing line.

Contact Information:   The Program Director for the Rimfire Steel Matches is Asher (Prairie City Slim) Shrieves. His contact information is as follows: Phone: (804) 350-4967 and his Email is: want32ford@yahoo.com.

Categories:  We combine RCSA gender and age categories with “Limited,” “Open,” and “Cowboy”.  

Equipment for Cowboy Category:

  • A lever-action or slide-action (pump) rifle with a magazine capacity of at least 10 rounds
  • One or Two S/A (single-action) revolvers, with cylinder(s) that hold at least 6 rounds.
  • Two may be fired Gunfighter style, one in each hand

Equipment for Limited Category

  • You may use a semi-auto pistol, one D/A (double-action) revolver, or Cowboy revolver(s).
  • You may use a semi-auto rifle or a Cowboy rifle.
  • Magazines must hold at least 9 rounds; Cowboy rifles must hold at least 10.
  • Removable magazines may have any maximum capacity legal in the state of Virginia.
  • Extra magazines are recommended but not essential.
  • Fiber Optic Light Gathering sights, such as Williams FireSights, are permitted

Equipment for Open Category

  • Same as Limited Category, except the pistol, rifle, or both may use electronic sights such as Red Dot.

Equipment (general)

  • All firearms and ammo must be .22 rimfire, excluding magnums.
  • Ammo may be 22S, 22L, or 22LR, and must be plain lead or plated lead.
  • Metal core, armor piercing, tracers or incendiary rounds are not allowed.
  • Title II weapons are not allowed, which means no full automatics, no short-barrel rifles, and no “suppressors” of the type that require ATF Form 4 with a tax stamp.
  • Holsters are not used on the firing line, but are allowed for transport of cleared handguns.
  • Speed-loaders are optional; there are no on-the-clock re-loads.


  • Matches are held on the 1st Wednesday of each month.
  • Matches are open to anyone.  There is a $5.00 fee for non-members; members and youngsters under 18 (accompanied by a parent) shoot free.
  • Normal hours:  Gates Open at 8:30; Registration Starts at 9:00; Match Starts at 10:00.


2023 Rimfire Steel Match Schedule

01 November

06 December

2024 Rimfire Steel Match Schedule

03 JAN

07 FEB

06 MAR

03 APR

01 MAY

05 JUN

03 JUL

07 AUG

04 SEP

02 OCT

06 NOV

04 DEC