New Membership Applications


West Point Gun Club is currently accepting New Member Applications

Membership in the Club shall be open to all citizens of the United States of good repute, without regard to sex, race, creed, color or national origin; who are at least eighteen (18) years of age or older at the time of application; and who comply with all the terms and conditions of membership.


WPGC New Membership Application

The WPGC New Membership Application is an Adobe PDF Form. The application can be downloaded, printed and then completed by hand or it can be downloaded, completed online with a PDF Viewer and then printed. 

Download WPGC New Membership Application v1.3.pdf


WPGC New Member Application Process

Individuals who would like to join the West Point Gun Club must follow the process documented below in order to apply for membership. This process is for NEW members and for PAST members with expired memberships. This process is NOT for current/active membership renewal.


The New Member Application Process is as follows:

  1. Membership Cap, The West Point Gun Club has established an upper limit on the number of active/current members that the club can maintain. If the membership capacity has been reached, then all new membership application requests will be placed on a waiting list until such time as openings are available. The requests on the waiting list will be processed in the order that they were received, first in / first out. New membership applications are placed on the waiting list after the completed application and all accompanying documentation has been accepted by the club.  
  2. Complete a New Member Application, Mail the completed and signed application along with the supporting documentation to the PO Box listed at the top of the application. Do not included any payment with the application, the membership fee is due after the application has been approved.


    1. NRA Membership, All WPGC members are required to be active members in the NRA, including all members that join under a family membership. Applicants are required to submit a copy of their current NRA membership card along with their WPGC application. If an applicant is not a current member of the NRA, they will need to apply for membership to the NRA. The NRA should issue a receipt when the application is submitted. While waiting for the NRA membership card to be issued, the applicant can submit a copy of the NRA receipt with their WPGC application. After the WPGC application has been approved, the new member has 90 days to submit a copy of their newly issued NRA membership card.
    2. Background Check, WPGC requests that all new members submit a copy of their current driver license or other government issued photo ID. In addition to the photo ID, WPGC requires all applicants to either submit a copy of their current Virginia Concealed Handgun Permit or give their consent for a criminal record / background check. The Virginia Concealed Handgun Permit is the preferred option.
    3. Basic Safety Class, WPGC requires that all members either have completed or complete within 1 year of joining, a basic safety class or it’s equivalent. A copy of the class completion certificate or similar documentation must be submitted to the club. The basic safety class requirement can be satisfied by any formal firearms instruction/training that includes firearm safety, a Virginia Concealed Handgun Permit or professional firearms experience (i.e. military, law enforcement, etc.). The Virginia Concealed Handgun Permit is the preferred option.
  3. Club Meeting, WPGC requests that all prospective members attend one of our monthly club meetings and introduce themselves to the club. This gives us the opportunity to meet the applicant and for the applicant to meet members of the club. The club meets on the 3rd Thursday of each month at the WPGC Range Multi-Purpose Building starting at 7:00 p.m. The WPGC Range is located at 1050 Centerville Road, Shacklefords, Virginia, 23156. At the meeting the applicants will be asked to introduce themselves and give a short background on their firearm experiences and interests.


    1. If the applicant is unable to attend a club meeting, the club, at its discretion, may offer an alternative through a sponsor. The sponsor (a current member in good standing) would recommend the applicant for membership to the club. The recommendation will be done either in person at a club meeting or submitted in writing to the club.
    2. If the applicant does not know any current club members that could serve as a sponsor, the club, at its discretion, may facilitate a meeting between the applicant and a current club member, such that the current club member could serve as a sponsor for the applicant.
  4. Membership Approval, After the application and club meeting steps have been completed and, when there are open memberships available, the application request will be approved or not approved by a WPGC club vote. The applicant will not be present for the vote but will be notified of the decision of the club. Note: The monthly club meeting where the applicant introduces themselves to the club and the club meeting where the membership vote takes place, may be the same meeting, assuming all prior steps have been completed. 
  5. New Member Orientation, Once an applicant’s membership has been approved by the club, the applicant is required to attend a New Member Orientation to finalize their WPGC membership. The orientation meeting will take place at the Range and the new member will be instructed on the range rules, use of the facility and have an opportunity to ask any questions.
  6. Membership Payment, The new member will be required to make full payment of their 1st year’s membership fee at the New Member Orientation Meeting. The payment can be done by check or cash; we do not accept credit cards. Checks should be made out to West Point Gun Club and are the preferred payment method. After the new member has completed their payment and attended the New Member Orientation, they will be presented with their WPGC membership card, lock combinations and are able to begin using the range on their own.
  7. Approval Period, The applicant has thirty days from the day they were notified of their membership approval to complete the New Member Orientation and to complete their Membership Payment, during which time they will be guaranteed a slot within the membership capacity limit. Between thirty one days and ninety days the applicant may complete the New Member Orientation and complete their Membership Payment subject to space available within the membership capacity limit. After ninety days the applicant’s membership approval will expire and they will have to reapply for membership.


Single Membership vs Family Membership Types and WPGC Guests Policy:

  • WPGC Guests Policy, Guests are never to use our facilities without their host WPGC member present and supervising their activities, the WPGC host member is responsible for all of their guests. The club does not limit the number of guests, nor the frequency of visits, as long as guest usage is “reasonable” and not intrusive to the use of the facility by other members.
  • Single Membership, The single membership type is for the named individual and includes full access to the club and its facilities.
  • Family Membership, The family membership type is for two or more individuals within the same “family” unit. WPGC reserves the right to approve/disapprove the composition of a “family” unit for each membership application. However, the approval is not contingent upon single household, marriage, etc., and all requests for family membership will be considered.
  • Single vs Family Membership, Given the guests policy of the club, the primary difference between the single and family memberships is the ability to use the club facilities independently. For example: A family of three (husband, wife, & 18 year old son) under a single membership in the husband’s name, the whole family could use the club facilities as many times as they desire, all year long, but the husband would have to be present at the club every time a family member used to the club. Under the family membership type with both the husband, wife and 18 year old son applying for membership under the family plan, then all three family members could use the club independent of each other, since they all would be club members.