Membership Costs


WPGC Membership Rates (effective 12/17/2015)

Single Membership:               $300.00 
Family Membership:              $425.00

Membership in the West Point Gun Club runs from January 1st through December 31st.



Single Membership vs Family Membership Types and WPGC Guests Policy:

  • Single Membership, The single membership type is for the named individual and includes full access to the club and its facilities.
  • Family Membership, The family membership type is for two or more individuals within the same “family” unit. WPGC reserves the right to approve/disapprove the composition of a “family” unit for each membership application. However, the approval is not contingent upon single household, marriage, etc., and all requests for family membership will be considered.
  • WPGC Guests Policy, Guests are never to use our facilities without their host WPGC member present and supervising their activities, the WPGC host member is responsible for all of their guests. The club does not limit the number of guests, nor the frequency of visits, as long as guest usage is “reasonable” and not intrusive to the use of the facility by other members.
  • Single vs Family Membership, Given the guests policy of the club, the primary difference between the single and family memberships is the ability to use the club facilities independently. For example: A family of three (husband, wife, & 18 year old son) under a single membership in the husband’s name, the whole family could use the club facilities as many times as they desire, all year long, but the husband would have to be present at the club every time a family member used to the club. Under the family membership type with both the husband, wife and 18 year old son applying for membership under the family plan, then all three family members could use the club independent of each other, since they all would be club members.


Prorated Membership Rates for New Members

Between July 1st and October 31st of the given year the membership fees are prorated as follows:

The Prorated Single Membership Fee is:           $150.00
The Prorated Family Membership Fee is:          $212.50


Between November 1st and December 31st of the given year the membership fees are for the two remaining months and the full twelve months of the coming year (14 months) as follows:

The 14 Month Single Membership Fee is:          $300.00
The 14 Month Family Membership Fee is:         $425.00


Payment Methods

  • Check – Made Out To: West Point Gun Club or WPGC
  • Cash – In Person Transactions (Please do not place cash in the mail)
  • Credit Card – Not Currently Accepted, but coming soon…