SASS Virginia State Blackpowder Shootout Results Part 1


We had 28 of 32 registered shooters brave the heat and shoot the Smoke on the Mattaponi match today.  Congratulations to Ripsaw, the top Cowboy and to J. C. Phoenix, the top Cowgirl.
Preliminary scores are attached, one by category and one by overall time.  There is one error that only affects one shooter which I will try to fix when my brain cools off.  Leford Leroy is listed with a MDQ but in fact shot 256.48, putting him in 16th place.
Thanks to the many hot and tired cowboys and cowgirls who endured the brutal afternoon heat and dismantled and stored all the targets, props, tents, fans, etc.  
More news and detailed scores will follow in a day or two.
-Swifty McDraw
See Part 2 for Scores