Mattaponi Sundowners: Saturday Scores


Ripsaw wrote an interesting match;  he and Flatboat Bob were the only two out of 15 shooters who shot it clean.  If you’ve never seen a “Dagnabbit Award”, one is attached; it’s sort of a consolation for those who “let one get away”.
Congratulations to Cody Maverick for winning the match.
Time for a little trivia.  Today’s clean shooters have the most clean matches since 2020: Flatboat has 26 and Ripsaw has 19.  One Eyed Jane is close behind with 18.  During the same period of time, not counting the Gathering, there have only been 5 shooters who finished in first place: Cody Maverick, Ripsaw, Dakota Rambler, Major B.S. Walker, and Doc Pill Filler.
More trivia: an iPad will give an Overheating Alarm if you use it under direct sunlight for too long.  I let it take a nap and cool off under a clipboard while we finished stage 6 with paper scores.
Scores attached,
-Swifty McDraw

Mattaponi Sundowners: Saturday April 22, 2023 match

Howdy all,

There will be a cowboy match this coming Saturday April22, 2023 at the West Point Gun Club. The stages have been written by Ripsaw and I for one am looking forward the challenges he has presented. The gates will open at 8:00 with the safety meeting at 9:30 and start shooting at 10:00. Hope to see you all there.

Potter County Kid

2023 West Point April 22[8138]

Mattaponi Sundowners: Sunday Scores


We had good weather and a good turnout for today’s match.  It was good to see One Eyed Rooster after a long absence.  Dakota Rambler brought his daughter to cheer him on; she kept score while I gave my eyes a rest after retinal surgery.
Congratulations to Ripsaw for winning the match and to the five who shot it clean:  Ripsaw, Major B.S. Walker, Lefty Spurmaker, Bingo Montana, and Flatboat Bob.
Scores attached,
-Swifty McDraw

WPGC Double Action: Match Results

Summer in April, well, it felt that way anyway. It did feel nice having the sun warm my face rather than the wind blowing down my back.

The category winners are: Cody, Cody & Cody. Fine shootin’ Cody. See y’all next month.

Mattaponi Sundowners: Sunday match

Howdy All,

The Mattaponi Sundowners will be hosting their regular Sunday monthly match this coming Sunday April 16, 2023. The stages are brought to us by Major B. S. Walker And look to be fun and challenging. The gates will open at 10:00 AM with the Safety meeting at 12:15 and start shooting at 12:30. Hope to see you all their.

Potter County Kid


WPGC Double Action: Thursday Match

The West Point Gun Club will be holding the monthly DA match on Thursday, April 13, 2023. Gates will open at 8:30 and match time is 10:00. The match format is 6 stages of main frame revolver,(one with a J-Frame), 1stage of J-Frame only and 1 stage of 1911. It will be warming up by Thursday, so bring some refreshment. 

See you there, Leo (Shinbone)

West Point Gun Club Rimfire Scores for 2023 4 5

Well, what can I say. We had a day of fun and comradery. Temps were just a bit warm for this time of year but, thank goodness for mother nature’s wind and canopies. It was a good day!!!
Congratulations to Fred as our overall and open winner. Congratulations to Leo for winning the limited class. Congratulations to Mac for taking the mechanical class.
Thanks to all who helped with set up, take down, timing and scorekeeping. Much appreciated.
Scores attached.
See ya next month,
Slim and Jane

WPGC Rimfire Steel Match April 5th

We will be having the West Point Gun Club RimFire Steel match on Wednesday, April 5th. The gates will be opened at 8:30 AM, sign up and set up will start at 9 AM. Shooting will start at 10 AM.
Bring water or sports drinks as needed.
Prairie City Slim aka Asher Shrieves

Mattaponi Sundowners: Saturday Scores

Howdy Y’all,

Ten of us got a little wet, but not too bad. Drizzle started at the end of stage 3, then turned to light rain.  We set up tents for the second half of the match.  The rain stopped by the end of the match, just in time for us to put our gear and targets away.
It was worth a little rain to shoot the cigar out of the target’s mouth for an 8 second bonus.  Half of us hit it and got to keep it for a souvenir.
Congratulations to the winner, Dakota Rambler, and to our three clean shooters:  Dakota Rambler (can you believe it?), Bingo Montana, and Flatboat Bob.
Scores attached.
-Swifty McDraw