Mattaponi Sundowners: Fwd: Pistol Silent Auction at Shoot for a Cure this Sunday

Howdy Y’all,

  It is my intention to hold a silent auction for a pair of revolvers in memory of Sassy Shooting Sours at the Shoot for a Cure match this Sunday.  See attached flier.  Right now I’m not sure if I can legally transfer them at the shoot.  I’m working with Hotshod to see if we can do it.  If it turns out we cannot LEGALY do a transfer at the shoot I will cancel the auction.  If you have questions, please contact me at

Pungo Posse, Mattaponi Sundowners, Cavalier Cowboys and KC’s Corral please forward this to your email list.  Thanks

Happy Trails,


Missouri Marshal

Ronnie Turnbull

SASS 50682L

NRA Endowment

Island Girl

WPGC Double Action: Match Results

We had a beautiful day and some great fun. The match results are shown attached. Thanks to Kidd for electronically taking care of the timing and scoring. It sure made my job easier. 
We had a good turnout, thanks to everyone for supporting the DA match and I’m looking forward to seeing everyone next month. 

WPGC Range Closure reminder

Hi All,

Just a Reminder that the range will be unavailable for general usage this weekend starting at 3pm on Saturday and all day on Sunday.

The club is hosting the annual “Pat Graves Memorial Shoot For A Cure” match to raise money for the American Cancer Society.

All members and guests are welcome and invited to come by the range on Sunday for the event. Please see the attached PDF file for additional information.

If you have any questions, Please call me at 804.822.1073.


Thank you,


Clark Faulconer

Vice President and Membership director

West Point Gun Club

2023 Shoot for a Cure announcement

Mattaponi Sundowners: Shoot For A Cure

Howdy Cowboys & Cowgirls,

The Pat Graves Memorial Shoot For A Cure match is this coming Sunday.  Gates will open no later than 10:00, the safety meeting will be at 12:15, and we start shooting at 12:30.
We have 43 shooters planning to join us (see attached list).  The match fee, payable at the range, will be $15 for members and guests.  It’s not too late to register in advance; just reply to this message with your name and category.
All proceeds, including match fees, go to the American Cancer Society.  Thanks in advance for your generosity when you purchase raffle tickets, bid in the silent auction(s), or donate directly.  We have added a Dillon Square Deal to the list of featured raffle items.
Stages Attached.
-Swifty McDraw

WPGC Double Action: Thursday Match

WPGC will hold our monthly Double Action match on Thursday, October 12. Gates will open at 8:30 and the match will begin at 10:00. 
We will have six stages of Main Frame Revolver, one of which will have a J-Frame component.
One stage of J-Frame only &
One stage of 1911
Please let me know if you plan to attend by emailing me at:
We will need six shooters to hold the steel match
The forecast looks great 
I will send out a final notification on Wednesday evening between 5 & 7 p.m.
Shinbone (Leo)

West Point Gun Club Rimfire Steel Scores for Oct 4 2023

Hi Everyone,
Well, what can I say? It was a beautiful and pleasant day in October spent with like-minded folks throwing lead down range. We couldn’t have asked for a better day!!!!
Thanks to each and every one for helping with all of the chores that goes into making a great day of shooting.
Congrats to John Askew as Open winner and overall winner.
Congrats to Mac for winning the limited category.
Kidd at Heart took home the Cowboy honors.
Again, thank you for every one’s help I really appreciate it.
Slim aka Asher Shrieves

West Point Gun Club Rimfire Match will be held on Wed Oct 4

The West Point Gun Club will be having its Rimfire Steel Match on Wed Oct 4th. The gates will be opened at 8:00 AM with signup and setup starting at 9:00AM. We will have a 9:45 AM meeting and shooting will start at 10:00 AM.
Asher Shrieves

Mattaponi Sundowners: Shoot For A Cure

As a reminder, the match will be held two weeks from today on October 15th.  Gates will open by 10 a.m. and we start shooting at 12:30.  Attendees don’t have to shoot the match.  Come out to watch and buy some raffle tickets.  All proceeds go to the American Cancer Society and tax receipts will be available on request.
Featured items available by raffle or silent auction include:
  • $500.00 Gift Card from Green Top Sporting Goods
  • Stool with Hand-Tooled Leather Cover by Corkscrew Tom
  • Dillon 550 Loading Press, new in box, donated by Potter County Kid
  • Hand-Made Elephant-Hide Tri-Fold Wallet by Marshal P.C. Wabash
  • Hand-Made Quilt by Mrs. P.C. Wabash
  • Cap and Ball Pistol donated by Prairie City Slim
  • Set of Holsters donated by Mustang Major
Thanks for all donated items, including those that I don’t know about yet.  If you have anything to donate for sale, raffle, or auction, please contact Potter County Kid by phone or text at (804) 241-5418 or e-mail
Another way to donate is to drop by the expo at Green Top next weekend.  WPGC will have representative(s) there selling raffle tickets for the $500 Green Top gift card.  You don’t have to be present at the match to win that one.
Thanks also for the 34 advance registrations that we have received.  If yours isn’t one of them, just reply to this e-mail with your name and category.  It’s not required but it helps with advance planning and it earns an extra $5 for the American Cancer Society.
-Swifty McDraw

Fall work day

WPGC Members,

Saturday September 30 will be our annual Fall work day at the range. We will be refacing and repairing our target stands, cleaning out holes to put the target stands in, drilling holes for electrical wires and insulating in the storage shed. Tools that may be helpful are battery operated drills and screw drivers, staple gun, pruners, rake, and leaf blowers. 
We will start at 8:00 and work as long as we need to. You do not have to stay the whole time. Even just an hour or two will be helpful. 
Thank you,
Gary L. Graves 
President WPGC