West Point Gun Club we will be Shooting the June 7th Rimfire Steel Match

We will  e shooting the West Point Gun Club Rimfire Steel Match on Wed June 7th, The gates will open at 8:30 AM, setup and signup will begain at 9:00 AM, Please try and arrive by 9;45AM so I can have time to setup the scoring and have time to go over any changes tl the match
Asher Shrieves
804 350 4967

WPGC Double Action: Date Change for DA match

The second Thursday of June is this week and the day after the rimfire match at West Point. In order to provide some “space” between these matches, the DA match will be held on the third Thursday, June 15. See you then. 


Smoke match sponsors and shooter list

We have 4 main match Co-Sponsors:

  1. Missouri Marsal Loadin Blocks
  2. Bingo Montana
  3. The Reb’s Bullets
  4. Nick’s Spaghetti and Steakhouse

Presenting Sponsor:

  1. Potter County Kid

Stage sponsors so far:

  1. Swifty McDraw
  2. Ripsaw
  3. C.A. and J. Farm (Carolina Charlie and Feather)
  4. Potter County Kid

Door Prize Sponsor:

  1. K.C.’s Corral

Registered Shooters:

  1. Holli Docaday
  2. Dogmeat Dad
  3. Feather
  4. Carolina Charlie
  5. Swifty McDraw
  6. Potter County Kid
  7. Ledford LeRoy
  8. Wistful McClintock
  9. Ripsaw
  10. Foolish Tom
  11. Wildcat Will
  12. Flatboat Bob
  13. Major B. S. Walker
  14. Brizco-Z
  15. Bingo Montana
  16. Madame Anne Bonney
  17. Bucksaw Bob
  18. El Diablo Don
  19. Dakota Rambler
  20. Prairie City Slim
  21. The Old Salt
  22. Cody Maverick
  23. Ohm’s Law

Thank you,



I left a stage sponsor off:

Starline Brass



Mattaponi Sundowners: Smoke on the Mattaponi Update

Many thanks to all who have signed up to help sponsor the SASS Virginia State Blackpowder Shootout (Smoke on the Mattaponi).  Your generosity will provide us with some great door prizes and raffle prizes, including a stool with Custom Hand-Tooled Leather by Corkscrew Tom.  Tom signed up for the match but, unfortunately, he had to drop out.
If you haven’t signed up, now is the time.  This is a SASS-sanctioned match and your membership must be verified by SASS headquarters.  We can’t send them your name until we receive your registration with your match fee.  The deadline is less than a week away!
Our Main Match Co-Sponsors this year (in alphabetical order) will be:
  • Bingo Montana
  • Missouri Marshal
  • Nick’s Restaurant
  • Reb Roberts
Sponsorships are still available.  A form is attached, along with a match registration form.
-Swifty McDraw
As of today, here’s who’s coming:

WPGC Double Action: Match Results

Thanks to all for coming and supporting the DA at WPGC. Match winner was Cody, Cody & Cody. I’m sensing a trend. Congratulations for some fine shooting. Let’s hope that yesterday wasn’t the last perfect day before it warms up. I’m looking forward to next month and I’ll see you there. 


WPGC Double Action: DA Match

In my earlier invitation I said there would be six total stages. This was incorrect. There will be eight total stages as usual. I hope to see you there. 



WPGC Double Action: May DA Match

Join us for the May DA match at the West Point Gun Club on Thursday, May 11. Gates will open at 8:30 and match will begin at 10:00. You may expect six stages of main frame revolver, one stage of J-frame revolver and one stage with the 1911. One of the main frame stages will have a J-Frame follow up. Please bring some water and/or sports drinks. We will have a 15-20 min break between stages 3 and 4. 

See you there, Shinbone

Mattaponi Sundowners: Smoke on the Mattaponi XVI

Howdy Cowboys and Cowgirls,
The days are flying by and the 16th annual Smoke on the Mattaponi match will be here before you know it.  This is the SASS Virginia State Blackpowder Shootout hosted by the Mattaponi Sundowners and the West Point Gun Club.  As a reminder, this is a SASS-sanctioned match and your membership must be current as of June 24th.
This is a single-day match with 6 fun-filled stages followed by lunch and awards.  The first shot goes down range at 10 a.m.  All categories are available.  Firearms must be those appropriate for your category, but all ammo must be blackpowder or a suitable substitute.  Shotgun pellets must be # 7 1/2 or smaller.
After the main match, there will be a one-stage Plainsman side match.  For those who didn’t know, this is fired with a single-shot rifle, side-by-side or lever-action shotgun, and percussion revolvers shot duelist style.  Specifics can be found in the attached extract from the SASS Shooters Handbook.
See for additional information.  A registration form is available there or you can use the one attached for your convenience.  The registration deadline is June 9th, which is only four weeks from this coming Friday. 
Accommodations are available along the I-295 corridor east of Richmond (about an hour away via I-64).  There are also a couple of hotels on US-17 in Gloucester (about 30 minutes away), but be aware that one of them (H… I… Express) doesn’t like people with guns.
Gates will be open for campers after 2:00 p.m. on Friday.  It’s dry camping only, so generators will be running all night.  I’ll be there.  Send me an e-mail if you plan on camping.
-Swifty McDraw

WPGC Rimfire Steel Match Scores 5 3 2023

Well, it was a day!!!!!!
Thirteen showed up and eleven finished. There was this little problem called rain. All the weather apps said it was going to go around us. It didn’t!!!!!
I apologize for not putting tents up at the beginning of the day. Thanks to whomever brought the one tent out later.
Congrats to Fred as Open and Overall winner.
Congrats to Leo (Shinbone) as Limited winner.
Congrats to Mac as the Cowboy winner.
There were a couple of issues that will be addressed BEFORE we start shooting next month.
Jane’s temper reared it’ ugly head. She apologizes.
Thanks to all who helped with setup, take down and painting.