Mattaponi Sundowners: Sunday Results


Today was ‘improv’ day at the range.  First, the tents went up on Bay 2 because it started raining early.  A total of 10 people showed up for various reasons, but only 5+1 were still there when the buzzer went off.  When it did, the 1st shooter only got 3 rounds out of his 1st gun, and he had to ‘improv’ on stage 2 with a different rifle.
The 5 shooters loaded together and shot on the ‘whoever is ready’ rule, using a similar rule to select spotters (whoever is watching).  The “+1” ran the clock and kept score while the others shot, spotted, reset knockdowns,or picked up brass.  Halfway through the match, it was ‘improv’ time again.  Rather than move tents to Bay 3, ‘we’ moved the plate rack and a few Bay 3 targets to Bay 2 and made it usable with the already-written stage descriptions.
You know it was an unusual day when you notice the 100 point spread between 1st place and 2nd place in the scores.  Congratulations to Major B.S. Walker for the win and to the entire posse for finishing in the top 5.  There were no clean shooters; B.S. wins the ‘dagnabbit’ award with a single miss.  Everyone else had either a SDQ or at least 1 P, but that had nothing to do with the weather.
However all of that may sound, everyone seemed to have a good time.  It wasn’t windy, the temp was tolerable, and the firing line and everything else had a tent over it.  Yes, it rained, but not enough to keep the Mattaponi Sundowners from having their scheduled match.
Scores attached.
-Swifty McDraw