West Point Gun Club range closure notification

Hi All,

Very sorry for such a late notification.

West Point Gun Club is hosting the Mattaponi Sundowners annual 2-Day Cowboy Action Match called The Gathering on the Mattaponi. The range will be closed to general use this Friday, Saturday and Sunday for the event.

If you would like to come and see what Cowboy Action Shooting is all about, this would be a good time to stop by and check it out.

Sorry for the lateness of this notification and for any inconvenience this may cause.

Thank you,


Clark Faulconer

Vice President and Membership director

West Point Gun Club

WPGC Double Action Match

WPGC will hold the monthly match tomorrow. Gares open at 8:30 and the match will start at 10:00. We will have great weather and fun. See you tomorrow.

Mattaponi Sundowners: Wild Bunch


The Gathering on the Mattaponi schedule for Saturday includes a Wild Bunch side match after lunch.  Modern and Traditional categories will be available.  Awards will be presented on Sunday after the main match.
If you plan to participate, please review the rules before the match.  The recently-revised 2024 Wild Bunch Shooter’s Handbook is posted here:
Note that, in the Modern or Traditional category, you “May use any SASS legal main match shotgun and any legal main match rifle.”  The Shooter’s Handbook will answer any questions you may have regarding the 1911 model and configuration for each category.
Wild Bunch stages by Cody Maverick are attached.
-Swifty McDraw

WPGC Double Action: Thursday, March 14, 2024

Check out the weather forecast for Thursday: sunny, 44 at 9, 73 at 1. It’s the day we have been waiting for. 
Gates will open at 8:30 and the match will begin at 10:00
Format is the same as previous.
Main frame revolver 144
J-frame 25
1911 24
Please respond to IF YOU PLAN TO ATTEND. 
MATCH will be cancelled if we don’t have enough participation. 
I will send a confirmation email on Wednesday between 5 and 7 p.m. to confirm or cancel the match. 
Thanks, Leo (Shinbone)

Mattaponi Sundowners: Gathering Update

Howdy Cowboys and Cowgirls,

Gathering on the Mattaponi is coming up in 11 days.  Here’s who’s coming:
By my count, that’s 53 who registered before the deadline.  Flatboat Bob and Missouri Marshal won’t be shooting Saturday, giving us 51.  We expect to have 48 shooters on Sunday.  We’ll have 3 posses.
Name tags and awards have been ordered, posse assignments are nearing completion, and stage books have been printed.  It’s not too late to sign up, but contact Gary (Potter County Kid) as soon as possible to let him know your plans.
The weekend schedule is attached.  Please check in with me or Gary as soon as you arrive.
See you on March 16th and 17th.
-Swifty McDraw

Mattaponi Sundowners: Gathering Update

As promised, here’s an updated shooter’s list for the Gathering.  We had a flurry of activity yesterday, by e-mail and snail mail, putting us at 41 shooters plus 3 who might come for one day only.

It’s not too late to sign up, but if you think the mail won’t get here in time, let me or Gary know you’re coming and your category.
-Swifty McDraw

Mattaponi Sundowners: Saturday Results

Howdy Again,

After a cool start, it turned out to be a nice day for a Cowboy Action match.
Congratulations to our winner – Walker Colt, who also shot the match clean along with Bingo Montana, Swifty McDraw, Marshal P.C. Wabash, and Mac Moshannon.
Pungo Posse (Saturday) and Cavalier Cowboys (Sunday) have matches next weekend.  
The next WPGC match is the Gathering on the Mattaponi on March 16th and 17th.  We have received quite a few registrations that are not on the shooter’s list that I sent out yesterday.  Thank you.  I’ll send an updated list soon – maybe tomorrow.
Today’s scores are attached.
-Swifty McDraw

Mattaponi Sundowners: Gathering List

One week left to register for Gathering on the Mattaponi.  We have forms from 27 shooters, 1 verbal ‘maybe’ and 3 who might be here for one day only.  Here’s who’s coming:
A lot of familiar names are missing from that list.  Hope you can join us.