West Point Gun Club Rimfire match Scores for Nov 22 2022

Hi All,
First of all, Slim really thanks each of you for stepping up to help with all aspects of the match.
Second, I thank each of you for helping.
We had a great day in November for shooting. Sure hope December treats us as well.
Fred was our Open winner and Vaquero Gambler was our Limited winner.
Scores are attached.

Mattaponi Sundowners: Shoot For A Cure

Howdy All,

I’m sorry I didn’t get the scores out until  now but the pain has been so bad I couldn’t make it to the Livingroom and the computer.

Congrats To Cody Maverick as the Overall Match Winner. Please see the attachment for all of the CAD but Congrats to each of them. I do hope that everyone enjoyed shooting the match. I had fun watching y’all.

Now for a serious note, CONGRATS TO ALL OF YOU FOR MAKING THIS POSSIBLE. $13,431 WAS RAISED ( at this point-there may be more).  This is awesome.  I really love the Cowboy spirit and each one of y’all. Thank you!!

Time to go back to bed.


2022 Shoot For A cure results

2022 Shoot For A Cure CAD

WPGC Membership: range reminders

All WPGC members,

This is a reminder that the range will be closed to general use on Saturday at 3PM until Monday at 0830. The Cowboy group will be holding a special match for breast cancer awareness and benefit. We are sorry for the inconvenience but this is a worthy cause and feel free to join us if you like.

October 22 would be a normal Cowboy day but there will NOT be a Cowboy match on that day. The range will be open for general membership use all day Saturday.

We also have a fall work day on October 29. More details coming out later.

Thank you,

Gary L. Graves, Pres. WPGC

Mattaponi Sundowners: Shoot For A Cure

Howdy All,


Well we are only days away from the match. Attached are the stages for match and important information to share. Gates will open at 1000, opening will be about 12 and 21 gun salute will be at 1230 with stages to follow.  Please don’t be at the last minute getting to the range, if you can help it.

We have lots of raffle items, items for sale and silent auction. Some very nice items.

Looking forward to seeing y’all.


Mattaponi Sundowners SHOOT FOR A CURE 2022 match

WPGC Double Action Match

The WPGC Double Action Match is CANCELLED for Thursday, October 13, 2022. See you all next month. 


Mattaponi Sundowners: SHOOT FOR A CURE

Howdy All,

Well, it’s almost here, Shoot For A Cure is next Sunday. Hope you’ve been saving all of your pennies and nickels and few dollars too. Looking at the forecast the weather is looking great.

If you haven’t signed up yet and you know that you are coming, please send me an email with your alias and category. This will help us greatly in getting the posses made up and get you registered.

The stages will come out of Tuesday for y’all. I hope you will find it a fun match.

If you would like to donate and know that you can’t make the match, just send a check payable to : AMERICAN CANCER SOCIETY and mail to Pat Graves 3030 King William Ave.  West Point, VA. 23181. Please do so quickly because I would like to turn all money in on Sunday. Also please send me an email letting me know that you have sent it.

Hope to see y’all Sunday. Remember just $1 more!!!


WPGC Membership: Range cleanup day

WPGC Members,

On Saturday October 29, 2022 we will be having our annual Fall cleanup day. We will be rebuilding and repairing target frames and replacing the cardboard on them. Cleaning out the target stand holes, raking up shotgun wads and debris in the downrange bays, clearing brush from the NRA wall and on the road leading downrange. Clearing the gutter on the shooting shelter and other various jobs.

We will be getting started around 8:00 and usually work until 12:00/1:00. Any help will be much appreciated. Come when you can, leave when you have to.

Some items that may be helpful are:



Battery operated drill/driver

Leaf blower


Pruning saw/pruning sheers


Thank you,

Gary L. Graves

President WPGC