Sunday, Mattaponi Sundowners match

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Howdy All Cowboys and Cowgirls,

This is one of those weird months; Pungo Posse` will be shooting this coming Saturday and West Point will be shooting on Sunday.

Sunday’s match will be a Josey Wales match therefore those that want to shoot this will be required to shoot the Duelist or Gunfighter category and instead of the rifle you will be shooting 4 pistols and a shotgun.  However, if you would like to shoot 4 pistols instead of the rifle but shoot 2 handed you may do so but you will be scored in the usual manner.  We will also have the normal categories for those that just want to shoot the 2 pistols, rifle and shotgun.

Attached are the stages written Prairie City Slim.  It will be a fun day.  It may be a little warm but we will be using tents and fans as needed.  We will also have plenty of water but you may want your favorite sports drink.

The gates will open at 1030, safety meeting at 1200 and shooting starts at 1230.  We hope to see you there.

Just a thought to keep in mind; the “Shoot For A Cure” match will be October 20.  More news on this match will be coming next week.  To those that are going to the NY State match,; have fun, shoot well and be safe.

Sassy and Potter


WPGC Cowboy Sept 15 2019 Stages
WPGC Cowboy Sept 15 2019 Stages