Range open to all members this Saturday 9/23

Hi All,

Due to the expected rain on Saturday, the Cowboy Action Match has been cancelled and the range will be open for general usage all day.

I hope everyone has a great weekend and always remember “keep your powder dry”

Thank you,


Clark Faulconer

Vice President and Membership director

West Point Gun Club

WPGC Double Action Match, Thursday Sep 14, 2023

West Point Gun Club will hold the monthly DA match this Thursday. Gates will open at 8:30 and the match will begin at 10:00.
There will be: 
6 stages of Main frame revolver with a J-frame included in one stage.
1 stage of J-frame only
1 stage of 1911
Please RSVP if you PLAN TO ATTEND. We will need at least 5 people to attend to hold the match. 
I will send a follow up email on Wednesday evening between 5 and 7 and let everyone know the results. 
Weather forecast is sunny and 70’s. 

Mattaponi Sundowners: Monthly Sunday Match August 20

The Mattaponi Sundowners will be hosting a Cowboy Action match this coming Sunday August 20 at the West Point Gun Club.
Gates will open at 10:00, the safety meeting will be at 12:15, and we start shooting at 12:30
Feel free to dress “cowboy cool”.  Shorts, T-shirts, & Tennis Shoes will be permitted.  No baseball caps or open-toe shoes.
Stages attached (re-cycled from the rainout last month)
-Swifty McDraw

WPGC Range Status

WPGC Membership, 

Due to the amount of rain we received during our match today, the match was halted after just two stages. We tried to wait out the rain, but it just would not stop. The range is still set up and we are not able to tear down until Monday evening at 6:00. The range will be open tomorrow, but I am asking for everyone to avoid using bay 2 until we get everything put away. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

Thank you,

Gary L. Graves 

President WPGC

Mattaponi Sundowners: Dress Code


The Relaxed Dress Code will be in effect for tomorrow’s cowboy match at West Point.
Shorts, T-Shirts, & Tennis Shoes will be permitted.  No baseball caps or open-toed shoes.
We will be shooting all 6 stages in one bay with plenty of tents, fans, and water.

WPGC Double Action: DA Match

I did not receive enough affirmatives for the match tomorrow. With a midafternoon temp reaching 94 it is understandable. We will, therefore, have a paper silhouette match. If you have done this match before you know what to expect. If not, you will find that there is no set up except for some wooden target frames and we will gather under the covered firing line. It moves along quickly and should be done by noon. I have two others and myself who have indicated they would like to shoot this match. Please feel to join us. I am attaching the guidelines for the match. Gates will open at 8:30. 
Shinbone (Leo)

WPGC Double Action Match

WPGC will be holding our DA match on Thursday, July 13, 2023. gates will open at 8:30 and the match will begin at 10:00. The forecast is for sunny and low 90’s. We will plan a limited movement match and put up whatever awnings we need. Please bring water, sports drink and some snacks. We will take a break after stage 4.
I am asking that everyone please let me know if you are coming. I feel we will need at least six for the match so we can have enough with set up and take down. I will plan a simplified target array. 
I will open the range regardless of participation. If we have less than six, we can plan a paper silhouette match. 
If we have six or more we will have the DA match with six stages of main frame revolver, one with a J-frams, a J-frame only and a 1911 stage. 
RSVP to: Shinbone (Leo) at b4bluegrass@aol.com
I will send a status message around 6:00 p.m. (1800 GMT) on Wednesday, July 12. 
Hope to see you there. 

WPGC Rimfire Match Scores for July 5th

First and foremost a BIG thanks to Bobby aka Kidd at Heart for bringing a generator. Also, thanks to Paul for the small fan on the shooting table. I don’t think we would have lasted all six stages without these.
Thanks to Leo aka Shinbone and Bobby for running the clock. That was a big help to me. Thanks to all who helped with set up and teardown as well as moving props and tents and painting. Another big help to me.
All and all I thought the match went well with everyone working. It was nice to have more than one spotter today!
Now for the really important stuff.
Congratulations to Fred as the overall winner and Open category winner.
Congratulations to Mikie aka Vaquero Gambler winner of the Limited category.
I guess we need to congratulate Bobby for his stellar performance in the Cowboy category.
Welcome to Shane a new to us shooter.
Thanks again for all the help!!!!
Asher aka Slim