Mattaponi Sundowners results 8-24-19

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Howdy All,

Well, what a wonderful day for shooting.  Can’t blame a dang think on the weather not sure the same can be said for the match writer. She got bit by the “match writers curse”. Worse part is, that’s the one stage I was looking forward to shooting but that dang “P” put a stop to that.

Congrats to Major B. S. Walker as the Overall match winner.  Congrats to our only 2 CAD shooters, Flatboat Bob and Red Cavanaugh.  I surely do hope that you all had fun.

Please keep the following Cowboys and Cowgirls in your thoughts and prayers; Goosefoot, Remo Williams, Clementine, Robert Greywolf and Kid at Heart.  I hear that Goosefoot is hanging in there but painfully and hopes to have rehab soon, Remo is doing hemodialysis 3 days per week, Clementine has a cyst in her bladder with plans to have it out at some time, Greywolf is in rehab and progressing and Kid at Heart may have to have part of his operative eye sewn closed to promote healing.  This update is as I understand it so I hope that I have it all right.

Tomorrow the Pepper Mill gang will be shooting with the first shot at 1000.  Next Sunday Cavalier will be shooting with details to come out later. Don’t forget to your applications in for Range Wars coming up in October.  Many of us will be shooting the Virginia State Championship.  Make sure you pack all that you need and then double check everything to make sure you have guns, ammo and leather.  Travel safely.  Hope to see y’all there.

Have a GREAT week and see ya next weekend.

Sassy and Potter