Mattaponi Sundowners results

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Howdy All,

Really didn’t expect the rain today. The heat wasn’t that bad but the humidity was especially after the rain but if you were there you already know that.  It was still a great day and a great match.

Well, the old geezers took this one today.  They still have it!!  Congrats to Cockroach as Overall match winner.  Congrats to Flatboat Bob, One Eyed Jane and Will Sonnet for shooting CAD.

Remember this is a weird month and Mattaponi Sundowners will NOT be shooting next Saturday. Next Saturday is Black Creek and Sunday is Pepper Mill gang. We will be shooting the following Saturday.

Thanks for all of the help setting up and tearing down.  We had a fun day with everyone and we look forward to seeing Flatboat’s grandson (Warner) shoot his first match in 2 weeks.

For those of y’all that will be shooting WVA state match,  We wish you all good luck and safe travels.

Sassy and Potter