WPGC Spring Work Day

WPGC members,

I would like to thank the members who recently participated in our range work day this past Saturday. They are:

Frank Timpano, Terry Stephenson. These two individuals were unable to attend on Saturday so they worked on Friday. Pat Graves, Gary Graves, Franz Kitenko, Jean Claude Idrici, Bob Blevins, Steve Gentry, Tony Brown, Adam Wilson, Clark Faulconer, and Steve Pauley.

Target frames were rebuilt and refaced with cardboard, extra cardboard was cut to size, shotgun wads were cleaned up, long range target frames were rebuilt, brush around the downrange road trimmed, several dead trees along the driveway into the range were cut down, gravel was moved into a large muddy area, and the grass was cut.

Thank you all for the hard work and everyone working together to accomplish these projects.



Gary L. Graves

President WPGC