Shoot For A Cure

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Howdy All Cowboys and Cowgirls,

Well that time of year so almost here, 27 days away.  That’s right, the annual “Shoot For A Cure” match is just around the corner.  We have lofty goals for this year.  One of our Cowboys has put us to the challenge of not only exceeding our goals of $1 more but has challenged us to make it to $10,000.

Y’all do so much to make this match a success I hate to ask for more but I’m not above it either.  I’m begging that we all do a little more.  This match isn’t to shine a spotlight on me but I would like to shine it on the survivors that we celebrate with and for those that we shed tears over loosing. They are the real stars.  BUT it is also about raising money for those that will need help with the cost of treatment, need help with daily living during treatment and research to stop this dreaded disease.  We think that we don’t want our money to go to research, in many cases I’m right there with you, but research has made cancer more survivable in many ways; such as breast cancer, colon cancer and prostate cancer just to name a few and others cancers also have better ways for early detection thanks to this research.

This year, as in years past, the WPGC has graciously said they will again support our endeavor with a $5 donation for each shooter that will do early registration, show up and shoot the match.  Early registration also helps me greatly be able to focus on other important aspects of this match.  Green Top Sporting Goods has generously donated another shotgun or value of the shotgun in the form of a gift certificate for us to raffle.  They have also given us space at their “Expo” the first weekend of October.  Please come out and support them as they have supported “Shoot For A Cure”, also drop by our tent there and say Hello. 

At the match, we will have many items for sale, raffle, and silent auction; one of which will be a pistol. Of course, we will have others outside of Cowboy Action Shooting that will be able to purchase tickets for the Green Top gift card but the pistol will only be open to those that are Cowboy shooters and present at the match.  Wistful and Inita Shoot have been busy already with T shirt and sweat shirt sales which will also be available at the match.  If you would like to order a sweat shirt, zipped or pull over hoody, please contact them.

There are many of you Cowboys and Cowgirls we haven’t seen in awhile and we miss you.  Please get off the couch or whatever you have been doing and please come out and join us on October 20 to “Shoot For A Cure”.  To pre-register for the match please email Inita Shoot at Please include this information: name, alias, category, email address and phone number. DO NOT send money.  All money will be collected at the match.  As in each year past, ALL money collected will be donated to the “Turtles”, our area Relay For Life team.

I hope that we can make the goal of $10,000 but more importantly I hope to see everyone of you that mean so much to me at the match.

Inita Shoot’s correct email is:

Also, if you would like to donate but you know that you can’t make it to the match, please make checks to:

American Cancer Society

 Send to:
Pat Graves
3030 King William Ave.
West Point, VA 23181

Thanks, sorry for the mistake and forgotten material