Shoot For A Cure

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Howdy All,

Well, this day is over and Shoot For A Cure 2019 is history.  Well it was one for the books; had plenty of cowboys and cowgirls show up to shoot and some willing to shoot in spite of the rain, no match shot and money raised.  What a weird day!!  I’m sorry for the rain and no match but I can’t control the weather.  I don’t mind shooting from cows or horses but we would have needed ducks today.  I knew we were in trouble of having the match when I looked behind and saw a river flowing from bay 2 into bay 1.

It was so good to see Cotton Connie today.  Please continue to keep her close at heart and in prayers.  Oh, Kuba, what can I say?  I was beautiful and thank you so very much for 2 such fitting songs. Flatboat, thank you for the pray, it was wonderful.  Beyond this I’m not naming more names because I will leave someone very important out.  All of you that have worked so hard to make this a success from buying and donating the items, selling items to everything in between; I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

This match, as I’ve said, isn’t about me but about the people and the cause.  It’s a cause that has touched all of us in one way or another.  We must continue the fight to helps those that need it, to find the advancements and a cure.  Y’ALL ARE AMAZING!!!!  YOU TRULY ARE A FAMILY even had little squabbles like kids but we do love one another.

It’s so weird to have a match but not be announcing scores or clean shooters but I will announce that as of this moment we raised $13,000+.  We have a little more money to come.  When I have the official total I will send it out. THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!!  I LOVE EACH OF YOU!!

Time for a hot bath and a little TV then bed, may skip TV and just go to bed.

Thank you to those that stayed and helped with the tear down.