Mattaponi Sundowners: Shoot For A Cure

Howdy All Cowboys and Cowgirls,

A week from tomorrow we will be having our annual “Shoot For A Cure” match with all proceeds going to the America Cancer Society through our Relay For Life Team.  As usual the Mattaponi Sundowners will not be keeping 1 cent of any money collected. We will have raffles, silent auctions, and items for sale. Some items will just be grouped as a general raffle; when the number is picked that person will just come get the item they want. Larger raffle items will have their own raffle container. People have been generous to us. We have the $500 gift card from Green Top, we also have a Ruger Wrangler donated by Bingo Montana and a Norinco 12 ga shotgun donated by Ripsaw and our special handcrafted stool by Cockscrew Tom. All of these items will have their own raffle. 

My goal has been and will always be to get $1 more but given the economy and all that everyone has been through in the past 2 years, I’ll be happy with all we get. WPCF will donate $5 for each person that signs up and shoots the match. So get an email to letting me know your name, alias and category.

If you can’t come but would like to donate, send a check payable to AMERICAN CANCER SOCIETY and mail to: Pat Graves 3030 King William Ave. West Point, VA. 23181. Please hurry if this is your plan because I would like to turn in all money the day of the match.




Potter County                                    Sassy Shooting Sours                      Flatboat Bob

Ledford Leroy                                    Marshall P. C. Wabash                   Lefty Spurmaker

Cotton Connie                                   Stogie                                                   Whiskey Mae

Quilla Star                                           Ripsaw                                                  Single Barrel Sam

Trapper Dan                                       Hotshod                                               Smackwater

Bucksaw Bob                                      Madame Anne Bonney                  Beartooth

Major B. S. Walker                           Cockroach                                           One Eyed Jane

Prairie City Slim                                 Dakota Rambler                                Hobble Along

Dixie Gunslinger                               Cody Maverick                                  Bingo Montana

Mustang Major                                 KiddAtHeart                                       Tesla Ranger

Lilly Pad Leadshot                            Major N. D. Gestion                        Brizco Z

Kuba Kid                                               Swifty McDraw                                  Dugga Boy

Filthy Five                                            J. C. Phoenix                                      Arizona Ansie