Mattaponi Sundowners: Saturday Scores


Ripsaw wrote an interesting match;  he and Flatboat Bob were the only two out of 15 shooters who shot it clean.  If you’ve never seen a “Dagnabbit Award”, one is attached; it’s sort of a consolation for those who “let one get away”.
Congratulations to Cody Maverick for winning the match.
Time for a little trivia.  Today’s clean shooters have the most clean matches since 2020: Flatboat has 26 and Ripsaw has 19.  One Eyed Jane is close behind with 18.  During the same period of time, not counting the Gathering, there have only been 5 shooters who finished in first place: Cody Maverick, Ripsaw, Dakota Rambler, Major B.S. Walker, and Doc Pill Filler.
More trivia: an iPad will give an Overheating Alarm if you use it under direct sunlight for too long.  I let it take a nap and cool off under a clipboard while we finished stage 6 with paper scores.
Scores attached,
-Swifty McDraw