Mattaponi Sundowners results 7-27-19

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Howdy All,

Well today surprised us by getting so hot so quick.  We apologize for not being prepared and having fans out, we will try to do better next month.  Frontier Mick provided an interesting and fun match but I think he might have learned about movement stages in hot weather. Thanks Mick!  First one of many down.

Congrats to Major B S Walker for being appointment “Regulator”.  It was good seeing Ripsaw.  Thanks for nominating B. S. for Regulator.  It was really nice to have Flatboat Bob and Missouri Marshal there for the presentation since they are the only 2 Regulators from our area.  We are a little thin in that area.

We also have 2 observers there today that are interested in getting started in Cowboy Action. We hope to see them back soon.  Don’t know if y’all noticed a couple that came late and only stayed for a couple of stages.  We might be seeing them back next month.  They are our new friends from PA that have moved into the area.  We met them at the PA State Championship.

Congrats to Cody Maverick as Overall match winner.  Congrats to the husband and wife duo for shooting CAD, One Eyed Jane and Prairie City Slim.  We also send them Congrats and well wishes for celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary last week.

Pepper Mill Gang will be shooting tomorrow.

Take care, stay out of the heat and be safe.

Sassy and Potter