Mattaponi Sundowners results

Howdy All,


The weatherman didn’t lie when he said it would get windy but we didn’t need fans and you would have been disappointed shooting smoke today.

Congrats to Cody Maverick as Overall Match winner and congrats to Flatboat Bob and Kid At Heart for shooting CAD. Remember Potter saying we wouldn’t see stage 1 again? He might be rethinking that decision since he finished first on that stage.

Remember to keep Momma Bear, Beatooth, Marshal P. C. Wabash, Cockroach and Goosefoot in your prayers. We truly hope that all has a speedy recovery.

Next week K. C. Corral will be shooting on Saturday and Mattaponi will be shooting on Sunday. Mattaponi is NOT be having a match the 4th Saturday.

Hope to see y’all next weekend.

Sassy and Potter