Mattaponi Sundowners: match results

Howdy All,

The day started out questionable but ended fairly nice, a bit more sun would have been good though.

Congratulations to Ripsaw as Overall Match winner. Congrats to Beartooth, Cody Maverick, Ripsaw and Single Barrel Sam for shooting CAD. We welcomed a new shoot, Todd, to the Cowboy family.

We sure hope Major B. S. Walker and Flatboat Bob a speedy recovery and a speedy rejoining of the Cowboy family. Flatboat Bob is scheduled for hernia repair surgery after the New Year. It was good to have Beartooth back and glad to hear of Monna Bear’s progress with recovery. 

Don’t forget that next Sunday will be at Cowboy Christmas match. We will be having dinner at Nick’s after the match, with a Chinese gift exchange if you want to participate. If you aren’t’ going to make it to the match but would like to join us for dinner THEN email me. No need to let me know if you are going to be at the match. More details to come on Tuesday.

Have a GREAT week and stay safe.


Sassy and Potter