Mattaponi Sundowners match results

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Howdy All Cowboys and Cowgirls,

Well, this one is in the books.  It sure was hot today, thank God for fans, tents and cold water.  Thank you all that were there for set up and helped with take down.  Before we get too far, just wanted to let everyone know that One Eyed Rooster is ok, just got over heated but ok now.

Congrats to Major B. S. Walker as Overall match winner.  Congrats to Major B. S. Walker, Flatboat Bob, Beartooth, One Eyed Jane and Will Sonnet for shooting CAD. CAD shows One Eyed Rooster but it was the way I put in the scores and he didn’t complete the match, therefore not listed as CAD.

We were glad to welcome X Mark and Saucy Susie who joined us from Colorado.  Good luck on the birth of that first grandchild.  We do hope that you can join us again.

We will be having a match on Saturday, starting at 1000.  It is supposed to be cooler.  More details will be coming.  Hope you can join us.

Sassy and Potter