Mattaponi Sundowners: Gathering results of Saturday and Sunday and Wildbunch

Howdy All,

This was going out last night, the last I looked, then today I found it in draft status.  Sorry for the delay.  We had to enter the scores 2 separate times to get this to come out.


 Cody Maverick                  68.08
Gun-Em-Down                  79.29
Bucksaw Bob                      103.06
Dakota Rambler                111.30
One Eyed Rooster            120.04
The Old Salt                        120.73
Kidd AtHeart                      124.08
Frontier Mick                     139.82
Ripsaw                                  155.10
El Diablo Don                     158.48
Ledford Leroy                    177.06
Major B. S. Walker           182.51