Mattaponi Sundowners: Gathering On The Mattaponi

Howdy All,

Well time is quickly approaching for the Gathering On The Mattaponi. The stages are finished, lunch is set and just waiting on the date and warmer weather.

Attached is the application. If you haven’t received a confirmation email, then we don’t have your application. Please complete the application and send in as soon as you can. Then I can begin working on the posses.

We are looking forward to this match and seeing all of y’all there. We will be at Pungo on Saturday and Cavalier on Sunday if you’d rather hand deliver the application.


Potter County Kid     Sassy Shooting Sours       Cody Maverick         Mustang Major

Bingo Montana          Cedar Creek John             El Diablo Don           The Old Salt

Ohm’s Law                  Red Cavanaugh                 Cotton Connie         Ripsaw

Enid City Kid              Wind Horse Rider            Poney Racer              Capt. Iron Wolf

Major B. S. Walker    Wild Cat Will                     Leadford Leroy         Kuba Kid

Doc Pill Filler             Buena Vista Kid                 Gun-Em-Down         Prairie City Slim

One Eyed Jane           Wistful McClintock           Swifty McDraw         Beartooth             

Dakota Rambler        Tracker Tom                       Brizco-Z                     Single Barrel Sam


Sassy and Potter

2022 Gathering App.