Gathering On The Mattaponi

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Just a few more days until the “Gathering On The Mattaponi”. There are still openings for any last minute shooters.  It is too late to get a badge and you will have to register in the “Cowboy” category, but you can still enjoy 12 stages of shooting and hang out with your cowboy and cowgirl friends. 

The round count for the match is: 120 rifle, 120 pistol, and 41 shotgun.  Of course you may want a few more than that for the occasional jacked out rifle round or the missed shotgun target.  The round count for the “Wildbunch” match is: 8 rifle, 49 pistol and 10 shotgun.

One Eyed Rooster will be there on Saturday with 38, 357, 45LC and 45 ACP brass for sale.  He will also have some bags of 7 ½ and 8 shot for sale at $30 per bag.  This is new shot NOT reclaimed.  Regret Scovefield has a couple of boxes of .358 105 grain TCFP coated bullets for sale. Bullets will be sold as first come first get.

We will begin set up Friday at 1000 so the gates will be open at that time for campers to come in and get set up.  On Saturday morning the gates will open at 0730, safety meeting at 0930 and start shooting at 1000.  Please arrive early enough to get your equipment unpacked and check in for registration.

Attached is the schedule for the weekend.  The weather for the weekend is looking really good at this time.  We are keeping our fingers crossed that it holds out for the match.  We will adjust for the weather as needed.

Please travel safely!!  Looking forward to seeing you all.

Potter County Kid