WPGC Rimfire Steel Match Results for 07 FEB


Man the weather guessers at Weather Bug and the Weather Channel didn’t quite get it right.  What was supposed to be  slight chance of light showers starting at Noon and temperatures rising into the 50s turned out to be a moderate rain starting around 1030 and off and on for the rest of the day and relatively cool day.

But, we had a good day shooting with the usual bantering and fun despite the weather.  I want to thank Kidd at Heart (Bob Hall) for bringing his iPad and scoring software.  Sure made it nice.  

We had seven shooters to brave the weather and compete.  So attached are the scores.  Congrats to Don Fenton as the overall winner of the match and the OPEN Class.  Vaquero took the LIMITED Class and Beartooth excelled in the highly contested COWBOY Class  .

Our next match will be on WED, 07 MAR.  See you all then!


WPG RF By Division 2018-02-07.pdf
WPG RF Combined 2018-02-07.pdf