Smoke On The Mattaponi

Cowboys and Cowgirls,
Well, the time has come for a decision.  The uncertainty of the Covid19 has made me decide to cancel the Smoke On The Mattaponi match.  Many factors have made this decision for me: businesses closed, unemployment up, the “Stay at Home” policy making soliciting sponsorship difficult, making plans for the luncheon, will the place where we get the awards from be open soon enough to accommodate our needs plus what phase of Virginia reopening will we be in at the time of the match. For all of these reasons it have made this event difficult to call but we do know it would not get the consideration that it deserves if we have to do everything last minute.
It has been suggested that I postpone and reschedule, but with other clubs in the same situation trying to reschedule and other clubs planning their two day matches, it’s just not going to work out.  I even tried to call SASS but they were closed, so I had to send an email.  
For those who have already registered we will be contacting you to see if you want your checks back or for us to shred them.  
I will be submitting the application for next years Virginia State Black Powder Shootout to SASS soon.  
Hope next year we will not be in this situation and not only can we enjoy shooting the Smoke match but also all of the matches we have been missing with all of our friends (Cowboy family) in good health.
Stay safe and we hope to be seeing y’all soon.
Potter County Kid