Saturday match

Howdy All,

Well some cowboys had more sense than others, the ones that stayed home. Good thing is, we all shot CAD.

I apologize to those that came especially when an hour or more was spent driving. We made the best decision we could based on what the dumb weather people said. They don’t know _ _ _ _!! Remember the Shoot For A Cure match last year? Well, this wasn’t far from it. We got soaked trying to put up last minute tents but it didn’t let up. Thank you all for the great help with taking everything down. I’m sorry we couldn’t have made a better decision about having the match but we did the best we could. By the time I got the guns in the house and then the rest of the match stuff from the truck and to the house I was wondering if we did the right thing because the rain stopped then I went to put the truck away, it started pouring again. Yep, we did right!

We will see this match again, we will be shooting it in place of Shoot For A Cure’s match in October

Thank you for all of the help with set up, tear down and the effect of coming today. Hope the W Va State is having better luck.