results of Mattaponi Sundowners 9-20-2020

Howdy All Cowboys and Cowgirls,

What a nice day to shoot!!! No need for tents or fans, cool with a nice breeze, man it don’t get better than that.  Can we get this to hold out for next weekend too?

Congrats to Major B. S. Walker at Overall match winner. Congrats to Beartooth, Flatboat Bob, Kid at Heart, Major B. S. Walker, One Eyed Jane, One Eyed Rooster and Prairie City Slim for shooting CAD.

We got to welcome 3 new shooters to us; Madre De Los Lobos, Hos`e Halapino On a Stick and Jackass Flats.  We hope to see them come back and shoot with us and hope they all had a good time.

We hope that y’all can join us next Saturday as we well be holding a match at Mattaponi. We would like to wish those going to WVa State Championship to fun match and safe travel. We will miss y’all.

Sassy and Potter


CAD 9-20-2020

RESULTS 9-20-2020