Mattaponi Sundowners results

Howdy All,

What a nice day for shooting!  It was a bit long with set up today also but that beat being in the cold and rain to do it yesterday.  How did we do this years ago when everything was stored up range and no tractor for bringing it down either.  We were younger, that’s all I can say!!

It was good to see everyone.  It was nice that Remo and Clementine stopped by during the shoot and had dinner with us.  We wish him well with his upcoming surgery and hope that he is back shooting soon.

Congrats to Cody Maverick for being the TopOverall Shooter.  Congrats to Flatboat, Kuba Kid, Kid At Heart, Will Sonnet, and Missouri Marshal for shooting CAD. We hope everyone enjoyed the match and had fun.

Mattaponi Sundowners will be shooting next Saturday, Feb. 24. The match will start at 1000.  We hope that y’all can join us.  More details and stages to come out later.

Enjoyed seeing everyone today.

Sassy and Potter

Mattaponi Sundowners CAD 2-18-18.pdf
MATTAPONI SUNDOWNERS results 2-18-18.pdf