Mattaponi Sundowners results 8-16-2020

Howdy All,

Well, the weatherman lied again! It did rain some but with the tents no one got wet while shooting. Great match Cody and great planning Potter. We got to debut a new target. It wasn’t one of my best stages but I had fun, better had for as long as I’ve wanted this target.

Congratulations to Cody Maverick as Overall match winner. Congrats to Flatboat Bob, Sassy and Dough Boy for shooting CAD. Can you believe Dough Boy hasn’t shot 10 matches yet and has his first CAD already.

We hope all of you had a good time. Thanks you for all of the hard work setting up and tearing down. We look forward to seeing y’all next Saturday at West Point.

Remember to keep Missouri Marshal in your prayers.

Sassy and Potter


CAD 8-16-2020
RESULTS 8-16-2020