Mattaponi Sundowners results 2-24-18

Howdy All,

What a wonderful day to shoot!!  The tents made the rain hold off until all was done.

Congrats to Cody Maverick as Top Cowboy shooter.  Congrats to Flatboat Bob and Will Sonnet for shooting CAD.  These 2 deserve more than a piece of paper for shooting this match clean. There were 8 P’s on 1 stage, out off 24 shooters.

It was good seeing everyone today and we hope that y’all had fun. Welcome to Doc Morton to West Point and hope to see you again.

Hope to see y’all next week with Pungo shooting on Saturday and Cavalier on Sunday.

Don’t forget that the “Gathering” is fast approaching.  If you haven’t, it’s time to get your money and application in to Whiskey Mae.

Have a great week.

Sassy and Potter

MATTAPONI SUNDOWNERS results 2-24-18.pdf