Mattaponi Sundowners: Gathering on the Mattaponi Details

Howdy Cowboys & Cowgirls,
The days are getting longer, the mystical groundhog has forecast an early Spring, and stages have been written for Gathering on the Mattaponi.  Shooting starts a month from today!  This is a two-day match with 6 stages on Saturday and 6 more on Sunday.  After the main match on Saturday, we’ll have a catered lunch followed by a Wild Bunch side match.  Bring ammo for 2 stages (maybe 3).  For the main match, the round count is 60-60-25 for Saturday and 60-60-16 for Sunday.
A schedule for the weekend is attached.  Note that the gates will open at 10:00 Friday for the setup crew.  Campers are welcome anytime after that.  We do not have water or electricity; it’s dry camping only.
To allow time for ordering trophies, a March 1st registration deadline has been set.  A form is attached; it can also be found at  Here’s who’s coming as of today:

By the way, single-day shooters are welcome, but are not eligible for trophies or the “free” lunch.  Send me an e-mail with your name & category, let me know which day you will be shooting, and pay our standard single-day match fee when you arrive.

If you plan to bring a non-registered guest on Saturday who plans to eat lunch, please contact Potter County Kid in advance so that he can adjust the head-count for the caterer.
Hope to see you there,
-Swifty McDraw