Mattaponi Sundowners: Gathering match results

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Howdy All Cowboys and Cowgirls,

Well what a wonderful weekend; a bit breezy but NO rain, sunshine and temps that we could live with and not have a lot of shivering or sweating.  We also had a wonderful match written by Prairie City Slim.  Thank You, Slim!  Thanks to  everyone for all of the hard work setting up on Friday, working of the match and tear down after the match.  A well oiled machine, otherwise known as “Cowboys/Cowgirls”.  Thanks for those that helped me keep Potter somewhat tied down this weekend.

Congrats to Cody Maverick as Overall Top Cowboy and to J. C. Phoenix as Overall Top Cowgirl!!!  Congrats to Beartooth, One Eyed Jane, Flatboat Bob, Cotton Connie, Longhorn Louie, Missouri Marshal, and Wendover Kid for shooting the match CAD.   Also, congrats to Cody Maverick as top shooter in Wild Bunch.

I can not express what the support to this match has meant to us, we love and appreciate each one of you.  We hope the Ohm’s Law, Old Salt and Le Diablo Don come back and join us again.  THANK YOU all for coming, bring a Cowboy spirit and for sharing a good time with us.

Please keep Doc Pill Filler and his wife’s family in your prayers as her aunt passed away during the match yesterday.  Please keep Remo Williams and Clementine in your prayers.  Remo is undergoing home hemodialysis during the nights and Miss Clementine is in the hospital with sepsis and C Diff.  They all could use some prayers, cards and calls.

Mattaponi Sundowners will be having a match next Saturday with more details coming out later in the week.  I understand that Pepper Mill Creek gang will start their shooting season opening on Sunday.

As Roy and Dale said, “Happy Trails until we meet again.”

Sassy and Potter


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