Gathering on the Mattaponi and prayer request

Howdy All,

The important stuff first; if you haven’t registered for the “Gathering on The Mattaponi” but plan on shooting please send us an email telling us your name and what category you will be shooting in.  You can wait to pay on Saturday, first day of the match. It is very important that we get this information prior to the match as I need to get the computers set up as much as possible before Saturday.

On to the next part. I will not be shooting the match but will be coming as I feel I can.  My back went out a couple of weeks ago and it’s slow to come back. In the time that this was starting I noticed some changes in my right foot that was alarming.  Being hardheaded I did finally go to the doctor. What is going on with the right foot has been very painful at the same time as the back, it’s improving, some.  The doctor was alarmed when he couldn’t find a pulse in my right foot.  I was sent for some testing of the artery and they found a severe abnormally in the right leg. I was then sent to a vascular surgeon.  It seems that I have an arterial blockage in my right leg. I’m scheduled for OR (operating room) testing to find the exact place of the blockage and with big hopes this will only need angioplasty and stenting to open up the artery.  Anyway, that’s the plan and it’s scheduled for this to be done March 26. The reason I’m not shooting as I can’t risk any injury to my leg or foot as with severe lack of blood flow healing would be impaired.  All prayers will be greatly appreciated. Love you all. Sassy

Potter and Sassy