Gathering on the Mattaponi

Cowboys and Cowgirls,

With Governor Northram’s 10-person assembly limit being extended through February it is proving to be difficult to plan for a two-day match in March, if the 10-person limit is extended into March we would be forced to cancel the match.  So, what we have decided to do is reduce the entry fee to $30.00 for 2 days of shooting. We would not have badges, awards, or our usual picnic. These items require early ordering and with the possibility of cancellation it would not be financially feasible.

We still would like you to preregister but instead of $50.00 per shooter it will be $30.00 per shooter. We will not turn any money or checks in for deposit until we know for sure we can have the match. If we cannot have the match, we will contact you to see if you want your check returned or if you want us to shred it. We will try our best to send notification of a cancellation of the match by March 7.

We apologize for being so vague but with the uncertainty of the pandemic and not knowing what restrictions, if any, will be in place in March. This is the best plan we can come up with.

Attached is the application. Please get them in as soon as possible.

Thank you.

Mattaponi Sundowners

Potter County Kid