Month: September 2018

Mattaponi Sundowners: “Shoot For A Cure”

Howdy All Cowboys and Cowgirls,

It’s that time, yes; we are getting ready for our annual Breast Cancer match, “Shoot For A Cure”.  This match will be October 21, 2018 so please mark your calendars accordingly. 

We are working hard to make this a GREAT match and with lots of wonderful things for raffle, auction and for sale.  As in the past, this match is one that everyone pays to shoot (including members of WPGC).  ALL money collected in shooting fees, raffle/auction and sale items will be donated to an area Relay For Life team.  West Point Gun Club is also donating $5 for every shooter that will preregister and attend the match.  West Point Gun Club will NOT make a or keep a penny of any money, it is all donated.

I’ve gotten the match written and I think it will be fun. All 3 bays will be used with 2 stages in each bay.  We will recognize the winner of each category at the end of the match.  Scores will be done as soon as the match is over while the bays are being broken down.  We will also announce the amount collected and donated.  There have been times in the past that more money was received after the match but you will be updated as to the total amount once it’s known.

Just a hint of things to look forward to, we have 2 guns to raffle and many more wonderful things.

To preregister: email Whiskey Mae at with Cowboy Alias and Category

No money needs to be sent now but if you can’t make it to the match and would like to donate, please make checks payable to the AMERICAN CANCER SOCIETY and mail to Sassy Shooting Sours at 3030 King William Ave.  West Point, VA. 23181

 We really want to make this a great success and we can’t do it without you.  I want $1 more than last year.  Please past this email along all of the Cowboy’s that you know.

Sassy Shooting Sours


Mattaponi Sundowners results

Howdy All Cowboys and Cowgirls,

Will Potter survived his first match without getting strung up!!  It was a close call though!!  We hope everyone enjoyed the match.  It was great to have Okoboji Kid with us again.  We welcomed a new shooter but I think he was a ringer, he was CAD until the last stage.  We really got a surprise from Longhorn Louie and Wanda.  They dropped by the range and it was really great to see him after open heart surgery.  Hopefully, he will be shooting with us again soon.

Congrats to Major B. S. Walker as the Overall Match winner.  Congrats to Hotshod, One Eyed Jane, Will Sonnet, Major B. S. Walker for shooting CAD.


Hope all of those shooting W. Va. State had great success.

There will be an email coming, probably tomorrow, about the “Shoot For A Cure” match.  We want this to be a great success so mark your calendar accordingly for October 21.

Sassy and Potter


Mattaponi Sundowners match Saturday 9-22-18

Howdy all Cowboys and Cowgirls,

Attached are the stages for Saturday’s match.  This match was written by Potter County Kid and this is his first match.  Stage 1 was be an experimental stage for possible future black powder matches.  This stage will be set up as a tunnel, so black powder loads will be a true test of this stage.

Gates will open at 0830, safety meeting at 0930 and shooting starts at 1000.  The weather isn’t looking bad for the time of the match.  If there are changes, you will be notified by email as soon as we can.

Hope to see y’all there.  For those that are shooting the W VA state match; good luck and safe travels.

Sassy and Potter

MATTAPONI SUNDOWNERS match 9-22-2018.pdf

Mattaponi Sundowners results

Howdy All,

Well we had a little rain but none during the match, although it was warm and humid.  Sorry we didn’t have the fans going but safety rules.  We had a small group but it looked to be fun.  We missed y’all but hopefully everything is well for y’all.

Please keep Ricochet Kid and family in your prayers, as his Mom isn’t improving as last thought.

Congrats to Cody Maverick as Overall Match winner.  Congrats to Beartooth, Cotton Connie, Flatboat Bob, One Eyed Jane, Prairie City Slim and Wistful McClintock for shooting CAD.

Many of y’all will be at WVa. State match next weekend but Mattaponi Sundowners will be shooting next Saturday, it’s regular 4th Saturday match.  Details to come later in the week. 

Good Luck to those going to WVa and travel safe.

Sassy and Potter



Mattaponi Sundowners match 9-16-18

Howdy Cowboys and Cowgirls,

The Mattaponi Sundowners will be shooting this Sunday. Gates will open and 1000, safety meeting at 1200 and shooting starts at 1230.

Attached are the stages written by Major B. S. Walker.

If there are any changes to this match we will send out a notice as soon as possible.  Please keep an eye out for emails.

Sassy and Potter

Mattaponi Sundowners match 9-16-18.pdf