Smoke on the Mattaponi


Smoke on the Mattaponi XVI

SASS Virginia State
Black Powder Shootout

June 24th, 2023


Last Updated: 06/09/2023


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The West Point Gun Club and the Mattaponi Sundowners invites all practitioners of the art of shooting smoke to join us for an all-inclusive weekend of Cowboy Action Shooting: 6 Main Match Stages, Lunch, Door Prizes, Snacks, and Awards, YEEE HAAA !!!!!

This match has been sanctioned by SASS as “The SASS Virginia State Black Powder Shootout”. It will be operated according to SASS Rules and the sanctioning agreement between SASS and the West Point Gun Club.

In order to differentiate the black powder match from the standard state level match, SASS requires us to refer to the state black powder match as the “Virginia State Black Powder Shootout”. Where as the standard state level match is refereed to as the “Virginia State Championship”.

In addition, SASS requires us to only recognize Category Winners and not to recognize nor award any Overall Shooters for the match.




Shooter Registration Application: The application is located below for download. The PDF registration application may be completed online and then printed, or printed and then completed by hand. Applications will also be available at all of our monthly matches.


2023 SOTM – Shooter Application


Registration Deadlines: The registration deadline is June 9th, 2023. Shooters who miss the deadline may still register up to the day of the match, however they will not receive a name badge and will have to shoot in the cowboy category.

Registration Deadline – June 9th, 2023
The List of Registered Shooters is at the Bottom the Page


Registration Fees:  The registration fee for the match is an all-inclusive package that includes: 6 main stages, lunch, snacks, door prizes, awards and a free shoot the very next day. The lunch will be served after shooting the 6 stages and will consist of hamburgers, hot dogs, sides and drinks. The registration fee is non refundable after the registration deadline. The registration fees are as follows:

Adult Shooters :                                     $60.00
Junior Shooters (18 yrs. and under):          $20.00

Categories/Awards: Per SASS requirements for a state black powder shootout, only category winners will be awarded and recognized. There will be no awards or recognition for overall shooters.

All SASS Categories are available, for example both Frontier Cartridge Duelist and Duelist are available. However, all categories must be shot with black powder or an approved substitute.SepiaMarshal - Transparent

We will publish a list of registered shooters but we will not publish which categories have been selected.

All shooters who register after the registration deadline and who register the day of the match will have to shoot in the “Cowboy” category.

Every pre-registered category will be awarded with a 1st place plaque, there are no minimum shooter requirements. Additional category awards (2nd place, etc.) will be given out  based upon the number of registered shooters in the given category, per the following:

2nd Place — 3+ Shooters 3rd Place — 5+ Shooters 4th Place — 7+ Shooters 5th Place — 9+ Shooters 6th Place — 11+ Shooters Etc.

Rules & Regulations: The following are the rules and regulations for the match:

All SASS Rules Apply All Mattaponi Sundowners Stage Conventions Apply (See Cowboy Page for complete list) Limited to first 75 Registered Shooters All Ammunition Must Be Black Powder or an Approved Substitute Scored as a Total Time Match Award Winners May be from Any State Category Awards Only, No Overall Awards will be Presented All Shooters Must be a Current SASS Member All SASS Categories + Cattle Baron

Calling All Sponsors: The Mattaponi Sundowners and the West Point Gun Club are looking for companies, organizations and individuals who are willing to support the SASS Virginia State Blackpowder Shootout!!! Our sponsors are a critical component to the success of Smoke on the Mattaponi and without them and their generosity the match would not be possible.

We have several levels of sponsorship available starting at $50 and going up from there. Please see the PDF document below for additional information:

2022 Smoke On The Mattaponi Sponsors


Our 2023 Smoke on the Mattaponi Sponsors


2023 Main Match Sponsors

Missouri Marsal Loadin Blocks

Bingo Montana

The Reb’s Bullets

Nick’s Spaghetti and Steakhouse


Presenting Sponsors

Potter County Kid



Stage Sponsors

Swifty McDraw


C.A. and J. Farm (Carolina Charlie and Feather)

Potter County Kid

Starline Brass



Door Prize Sponsors

K.C.’s Corral




Lodging and Directions:

Dry Camping – There is a limited amount of space available at the range for dry camping, a place to park. There will be no electric, no water, no sewer and generators will run through the night. There are porta johns and firewood available for campers use.  Please contact the Match Director if you plan on dry camping.

Washington Burgess Inn, 18940 Motel Drive, West Point, VA 23181, Phone: (804) 843-2100, Located about 4 miles from the range. We have had several folks stay here before and they say it is a clean, confortable place.

Rainbow Acres Campground, 514 James Road, King and Queen Court House, VA, 23085, located about 15 miles from the range, (804) 785-9441,

Directions – Please see the Directions Page on this web site for Maps, Range Address, GPS Coordinates and Directions:

CLICK ME and GO TO our Directions Page


2023 Registered Shooters

  1. Holli Docaday
  2. Dogmeat Dad
  3. Feather
  4. Carolina Charlie
  5. Swifty McDraw
  6. Potter County Kid
  7. Ledford LeRoy
  8. Wistful McClintock
  9. Ripsaw
  10. Foolish Tom
  11. Wildcat Will
  12. Flatboat Bob
  13. Major B. S. Walker
  14. Brizco-Z
  15. Bingo Montana
  16. Madame Anne Bonney
  17. Bucksaw Bob
  18. El Diablo Don
  19. Dakota Rambler
  20. Prairie City Slim
  21. The Old Salt
  22. Cody Maverick
  23. Ohm’s Law