Month: July 2019

Mattaponi Sundowners results 7-27-19

Howdy All,

Well today surprised us by getting so hot so quick.  We apologize for not being prepared and having fans out, we will try to do better next month.  Frontier Mick provided an interesting and fun match but I think he might have learned about movement stages in hot weather. Thanks Mick!  First one of many down.

Congrats to Major B S Walker for being appointment “Regulator”.  It was good seeing Ripsaw.  Thanks for nominating B. S. for Regulator.  It was really nice to have Flatboat Bob and Missouri Marshal there for the presentation since they are the only 2 Regulators from our area.  We are a little thin in that area.

We also have 2 observers there today that are interested in getting started in Cowboy Action. We hope to see them back soon.  Don’t know if y’all noticed a couple that came late and only stayed for a couple of stages.  We might be seeing them back next month.  They are our new friends from PA that have moved into the area.  We met them at the PA State Championship.

Congrats to Cody Maverick as Overall match winner.  Congrats to the husband and wife duo for shooting CAD, One Eyed Jane and Prairie City Slim.  We also send them Congrats and well wishes for celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary last week.

Pepper Mill Gang will be shooting tomorrow.

Take care, stay out of the heat and be safe.

Sassy and Potter



Saturday match at Mattaponi Sundowners

Howdy All Cowboys and Cowgirls,

Attached are the stages for this Saturday, they happen to be the same stages that we were supposed to shoot last Sunday.  Please come out, join us in a fun and welcome Frontier Mick as a match writer.  This is his first match.

The gates will open at 0830, safety meeting at 0930 and shooting starts at 1000. There is no rain in the forecast but high near 88.  We will have tents and fans, as needed.

Don’t forget to your applications in to VA State Championship and Sussex County Range Wars.  We hear that the host motel rooms in Roanoke left are few, so don’t delay.

Hope to see you Saturday.

Sassy and Potter


Stages for 7-21-19

Mattaponi Sundowners match for Sunday

Howdy All,

We hate to do this but it looks like it’s going to be too dang hot to shoot Sunday. 

I don’t think it would be safe gun handling or safe for any of us with 99 degrees and humid.  We don’t have enough fans to fight that.

We hope to see y’all next Saturday.

Don’t forget to start getting your applications in for Virginia State Championship.  The application can be found on

Stay cool and hydrated.

Sassy and Potter


Howdy All Cowboys and Cowgirls,

Attached are the stages for Sunday, July 21.  Gates will open at 1030, safety meeting at 1200 and shooting starts at 1230.  Come out and welcome Frontier Mick as a new stage writer, this is his first match.

We know that the weather isn’t looking great but with heat at near 99 and humidity, we will have tents and fans to help us through this heat.  We will have a relaxed dress code but no open toe shoes or ball caps though.

If our plans for the match change we will send out an announcement as soon as possible, so keep an eye out for an email from us as early as Friday and as late as Saturday afternoon.

Hope to see y’all there.

Sassy and Potter


Stages for 7-21-19