Month: May 2019

West Point scores 5/25/19 and other stuff

REMINDER:  Smoke on the Mattaponi is coming up on June 22, 2019. This is the Virginia State Black Powder Shootout. I hear Prairie City Slim has written a great match. An application is attached!!!! Y’all come!!!!
Welcome to Andrew S. who was our brass picker for most of the day. He is excited to get started shooting cowboy. Our next match is June 16, 2019.
Thanks to Wichita Wanda for keeping score today. She came to cheer on Louie and was put to work. Thanks Wanda!
Congrats to Longhorn Louie and One Eyed Jane as our clean all day shooters!
Congrats to Cody Maverick as the overall winner!
Finally, the eleven shooters had a nice day to shoot. There was a breeze and we had tents.  We were finished shooting , putting things away and on our way to Nick’s at 1:00 PM.
Scores are attached.
Wishing Sassy Shooting Sours, Potter County Kid and Flatboat Bob a safe journey home from Pennsylvania on Sunday. You were missed. 
Get those Smoke applications in!!
Prairie City Slim

Mattaponi Sundowners Saturday Match

Howdy All Cowboys and Cowgirls,

Mattaponi Sundowners will be holding there match on Saturday, May 25,  written by Major B.S. Walker.

The gates will open at 0800, safety meeting at 0930 and shooting starts at 1000.

The weather is looking to be warm and humid.  DRESS CODE WILL BE COWBOY CASUAL.  NO open toe shoes or ball caps.

If you see someone who has served in our military, please take the time to THANK them for their service.  For those Cowboys and Cowgirls that we shoot with,  THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE AND DEDICATION FOR US AND OUR COUNTRY.

Be safe and enjoy your holiday.

Don’t forget the deadline to sign up for the “Smoke On The Mattaponi”, Virginia State Black Powder Championship is fastly approaching, please get your applications in.  If you need an application go to the website, and download it.

Sassy and Potter


Mattaponi Sundowners match 5-25-2019

West Point Double Action Match May 9 2019

The West Point Gun Club will be having their monthly Double Action match this Thursday, May 9th. The gates open at 8:00 AM, setup starts at 8:30 AM, sign up starts at 8:30 AM and shooting starts at 10:00 AM. In addition to our 6 stage Double Action match, we will be having the following:
    – 20 round J-Frame (5 shot, short barrel) stage
    – 24 round 1911 stage using Wild Bunch Rules (smaller frame carry 1911’s are OK to use)
    – We will also be shooting a 29 round stage (24 with normal DA Firearm then 5 rounds with a J-Frame) this will be one of the 6 DA stages.
Also if there is time after the normal stages have been completed we may have another 1911 stage so you may want to bring extra ammo for the 1911.
As normal all stages are shot using adult caliber firearms (center fire) and no lasers, red dot or other optics are allowed.

Mattaponi Sundowners match results

Howdy All Cowboys and Cowgirls,

Sorry it has taken me so long to get the scores out but the iPad didn’t want to cooperate.

We didn’t have many to shoot but y’all missed a great weather day and a great match and I ain’t saying that just because Potter wrote it.  We also missed y’all.

Happy Birthday Major B. S. Walker, he was the overall match winner and yesterday was his birthday.  Congrats to Flatboat Bob, Longhorn Louie and Sassy for shooting CAD.

It was good to see Remo and have him shoot with us today.  Please be in prayer for a speedy recovery to Goosefoot who is home recovering from back surgery. 

Here is the latest update from Ripsaw:

Eye is much better today and each day. Scooting around the house in a transport chair. Doctor appointments this coming week and should get some stitches out this coming week. New cast on ankle May 8. Wanted you to see the improvement in the eye (will send as a separate email). Still plenty sore but I think it will all heal ok.  Thanks for the prayers and well wishes.  You guys are the best. Ripsaw

Hope to see y’all at Father Time next week. Travel safe.

Sassy and Potter