Month: July 2018

Mattaponi Sundowners match July 28, 2018

Howdy All Cowboys and Cowgirls,

Attached are the stages for Saturday, July 28, written by Major B.S. Walker.  Gates will open at 0830, safety meeting at 0930, and shootings starts are 1000.

Tents and fans will be up for comfort, as needed.  If there is questionable rain (storms) or a change in dress code, this announcement will be sent out by Friday evening so keep an eye on your email.

We hope to see y’all there.

Sassy and Potter

Mattaponi Sundowners match July 28,2018.docx
Mattaponi Sundowners match July 28.2018.pdf

West Point Double Action Match

The West Point Gun Club will be having their monthly Double Action match this Thursday, July 12th. The gates open at 8:00 AM, setup starts at 8:30 AM, sign up starts at 8:30 AM and shooting starts at 10:00 AM. In addition to our 6 stage Double Action match, we will be having the following:

    – 20 round J-Frame (5 shot, short barrel) stage
    – 28 round 1911 stage using Wild Bunch Rules (smaller frame carry 1911’s are OK to use)
    – We will also be shooting a 29 round stage (24 with normal DA Firearm then 5 rounds with a J-Frame) this will be one of the 6 DA stages.

Also if there is time after the normal stages have been completed we may have another 1911 stage so you may want to bring extra ammo for the 1911.

As normal all stages are shot using adult caliber firearms (center fire) and no lasers, red dot or other optics are allowed.


Mattaponi Sundowners match 7-15-18

Howdy Cowboys and Cowgirls,


The Mattaponi Sundowners will be holding a match this Sunday, July 15.  The gates will open at 1000, safety meeting at 1200 and shooting starts at 1230.  Please try to get there so we are not at the last trying to get the posse’s set up and entered into the computer.  If you are running late, call Sassy at 804-370-4521.  The match is written by Major B.S. Walker.


We will have tents and fans set up as needed.


Sassy and Potter

Mattaponi Sundowners match 7-15-18.pdf
Mattaponi Sundowners match 7-15-18.docx

WPGC Rimfire Steel Match Scores for 04 JUL

Hello Shooters!

Well we had a great day of shooting, albeit hot and muggy.  The tents and ice water helped.  Happy Birthday to the USA and to all a Happy 4th of JULY!!

Here are the scores for the match.  Congrats to Vaquero Gambler and Don Fenton who led the Limited and Open Classes, respectively.  Kudos also to Preries City Slim, Vaquero Gambler, Dick Davis and Perry Fridley, III for shooting clean.

I would also like to welcome new shooters to our group: Stogie, Perry Fridley, III, and Leo Szydlowski.  Hope to see you all at our next match, which will be on WED, 01 AUG.


West Point Rimfire Match Scores 04 JUL 2018.pdf
West Point Rimfire Match Scores 04 JUL 2018.xlsx