Month: February 2018

Mattaponi Sundowners results 2-24-18

Howdy All,

What a wonderful day to shoot!!  The tents made the rain hold off until all was done.

Congrats to Cody Maverick as Top Cowboy shooter.  Congrats to Flatboat Bob and Will Sonnet for shooting CAD.  These 2 deserve more than a piece of paper for shooting this match clean. There were 8 P’s on 1 stage, out off 24 shooters.

It was good seeing everyone today and we hope that y’all had fun. Welcome to Doc Morton to West Point and hope to see you again.

Hope to see y’all next week with Pungo shooting on Saturday and Cavalier on Sunday.

Don’t forget that the “Gathering” is fast approaching.  If you haven’t, it’s time to get your money and application in to Whiskey Mae.

Have a great week.

Sassy and Potter

MATTAPONI SUNDOWNERS results 2-24-18.pdf

Mattaponi Sundowners match 2-24-18

Howdy All,

Attached are the stages written by Major B. S. Walker for Saturday’s match for the Mattaponi Sundowners.

The gates will open at 0830, safety meeting at 0930 and shooting starts at 1000.

We hope to see y’all there.  It looks like the weather will be nice and warm; 73 degrees for a high and only a 20% chance of rain.

Sassy and Potter

Mattaponi Sundowners match for 2-24-18.docx
Mattaponi Sundowners match for 2-24-18[2305843009215303794].pdf

Mattaponi Sundowners results

Howdy All,

What a nice day for shooting!  It was a bit long with set up today also but that beat being in the cold and rain to do it yesterday.  How did we do this years ago when everything was stored up range and no tractor for bringing it down either.  We were younger, that’s all I can say!!

It was good to see everyone.  It was nice that Remo and Clementine stopped by during the shoot and had dinner with us.  We wish him well with his upcoming surgery and hope that he is back shooting soon.

Congrats to Cody Maverick for being the TopOverall Shooter.  Congrats to Flatboat, Kuba Kid, Kid At Heart, Will Sonnet, and Missouri Marshal for shooting CAD. We hope everyone enjoyed the match and had fun.

Mattaponi Sundowners will be shooting next Saturday, Feb. 24. The match will start at 1000.  We hope that y’all can join us.  More details and stages to come out later.

Enjoyed seeing everyone today.

Sassy and Potter

Mattaponi Sundowners CAD 2-18-18.pdf
MATTAPONI SUNDOWNERS results 2-18-18.pdf

Mattaponi Sundowners: Sunday match

Howdy All,

Attached are the stages for Sunday, February 18.  This morning it looked like rain for Sunday but they have now moved that.  It’s looking like 55 degrees and no rain.  If something should change we will do our the best prepared for it that we can . 

Gates will open at 1000, safety meeting at 1200 and shooting at 1230.  This is our annual “Heart” match but NO proceeds are given out to anyone, just a reminder for good heart health.

The “who is coming” list has been posted on the West Point Gun Club website, if interested.  Please remember to get your application in ASAP.

We hope to see y’all there.

Sassy and Potter


WPGC Rimfire Steel Match Results for 07 FEB


Man the weather guessers at Weather Bug and the Weather Channel didn’t quite get it right.  What was supposed to be  slight chance of light showers starting at Noon and temperatures rising into the 50s turned out to be a moderate rain starting around 1030 and off and on for the rest of the day and relatively cool day.

But, we had a good day shooting with the usual bantering and fun despite the weather.  I want to thank Kidd at Heart (Bob Hall) for bringing his iPad and scoring software.  Sure made it nice.  

We had seven shooters to brave the weather and compete.  So attached are the scores.  Congrats to Don Fenton as the overall winner of the match and the OPEN Class.  Vaquero took the LIMITED Class and Beartooth excelled in the highly contested COWBOY Class  .

Our next match will be on WED, 07 MAR.  See you all then!


WPG RF By Division 2018-02-07.pdf
WPG RF Combined 2018-02-07.pdf

West Point Gun Club Double Action Match This Thursday Feb 8th

The West Point Gun Club will be having their monthly Double Action match this Thursday, Feb 8th. The gates open at 8:00 AM, setup starts at 8:30 AM, sign up starts at 8:30 AM and shooting starts at 10:00 AM. In addition to our 6 stage Double Action match, we will be having the following:

    – 20 round J-Frame (5 shot, short barrel) stage
    – 20 round 1911 stage using Wild Bunch Rules (smaller frame carry 1911’s are OK to use)
    – We will also be shooting a 29 round stage (24 with normal DA Firearm then 5 rounds with a J-Frame) this will be one of the 6 DA stages.

If it rains we will put up tents. Also if there is time after the normal stages have been completed we may have another 1911 stage so you may want to bring extra ammo for the 1911.

As normal all stages are shot using adult caliber firearms (center fire) and no lasers, red dot or other optics are allowed.


WPGC Rimfire Steel Match Announcement for WED, 07 FEB

Hello, Shooters!

Well, it’s been a great start to the year.  We had to cancel the first match of the year because it was so cold.  This WED, 07 FEB is the next scheduled match.  It looks like the temperatures will be a bit more seasonable; starting in the 30s to 40s and getting up to 50 by noon.  There is a 30% chance of light rain around noon.  So, it should not be too bad.

Refer to http://www.westpointgunclub .com/shooting-programs/rimfire -steel/ for a description of these matches and equipment requirements. In addition, the Open class will be available. In addition to that, the Cowboy Class will allow two Single-Action revolvers to be fired “gunfighter style” (one in each hand).

Gates open at 8:30 a.m.; match starts at 10.

Hope to see you all there!