Mattaponi Sundowners match results 11/19/2017

Howdy All,

Well, what a day; a bit windy but for November, not bad.  There were several regular shooters absent today and we missed y’all.  We had a new shooter from Texas via Quantico, Big Iron Patnode and a prospective new shooter “ No Name Yet”; WELCOME to Mattaponi Sundowners and we hope to see y’all again soon.

Congrats to Big Iron Patnode for being the top shooter today and to Big Iron Patnode, Flatboat Bob and Stogie for shooting CAD.  What a way to have your first match at Mattaponi!! 

We want to remind everyone that Mattaponi Sundowners will not be shooting next Saturday.  Our next match will be Sunday, December 17.  This will be our Christmas match and will be followed by dinner at Nick’s with a Chinese Gift exchange.  We hope to see y’all there.

HAPPY THANKSGIVING and safe travel to all.

CleanShootersNoMissNoProc 11-19-17.pdf
DetailedMatchResultsByTime 11-19-17.pdf

Sassy and Potter