Month: October 2017

Update on Shoot For A Cure

Howdy All,

Just wanted to give y’all a final update on the Shoot For A Cure match.  With the Peppermill Creek Gang, Wistful selling more goods and money donated at Range Wars, our GRAND TOTAL IS $6345.  WOW!!!!!  You Cowboys and Cowgirls are AWESOME!!!!  THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR YOUR DONATIONS AND SUPPORT!!!!  They is nothing else to say, YOU ARE GREAT BEYOND BELIEF!!!

Loco Linda also wanted me to pass along a message from her.  She was sorry that she couldn’t make the match this year and wanted to say, “THANK YOU” for the cards and prayers.  She really appreciated it.  Please keep her and Ramblin Royce in your prayers and if you get a chance please send her a card.

I’m sorry that this isn’t more upbeat but I learned on my way home from Range Wars that my nephew from my first marriage died today. He was 41 and leaves behind 3 children from 19 to 7 years old.  My heart is broken.


Sassy Shooting Sours

Mattaponi Sundowners: Shoot For A Cure match results

Howdy All,

I just wanted to THANK YOU, each and everyone of you again; not for just coming (which was great) but for giving from the bottom of your hearts.  The “SHOOT FOR A CURE” match was a GREAT success, thanks to y’all.  We raised and donated $5620.  This may not be our bottom total because  Wistful is taking some “do rags” to the ship yard to sell.  I will send out the grand total as soon as I know it.  Y’all are so GREAT!!!  You never stop amazing me.  It really shows that so such can be done with so few.  42 shooters and that much money, even our waitress at Nick’s donated!!.

I would like to give a special THANKS to  the following people that worked so hard to help me make this a success:

Inita Shoot
Wistful McClintock
Quilla Star
Mrs. Flatboat
Arizona Ansie

I can’t say enough for the wonderful help that was given to me.  THANK YOU!!

Please take the time to send Loco Linda and Ramblin Royce a card and prayer. Send to: Loco Linda

Linda Dunnivan
5817 Norwood Oaks Drive
Raleigh, NC  27614


Thank you again and I hope everyone receives a blessing from this.


Shoot For A Cure Clean Shooters 2017.pdf
Shoot For A Cure Match Results 2017.pdf

WPGC Rimfire Steel Match Scores for 04 OCT 2017


It was a beautiful day!!  Blue skies and not too humid.  The only disappointment was that we only had seven shooters.  Looking forward to seeing more people next month.

For those who were there, everyone did a great job.  Congrats to our winners; overall low score was Allen Estes, who also took the Open Class and Vaquero Gambler topped the Limited Class.  Scores are attached.

Next match will be on WED, 01 NOV.  Same time, same range.

Good shooting!


West Point Rimfire Match Scores 04 OCT 2017.pdf
West Point Rimfire Match Scores 04 OCT 2017.xlsx

West Point Gun Club DA Match Scores for Oct 12 2017

Seven of us gathered at West Point on this misty and drippy day. Our two tents served us well, keeping guns and bodies dry.

Congrats to Flatboat Bob for taking the day as best shooter regular stages, as well as clean in the regular stages. He also took top honors in the J Frame and the 1911 stages.


West Point Double Action Match Scores Oct 12 2017.pdf
West Point Double Action Match Scores Oct 12 2017.xlsx

Mattaponi Sundowners: October 15, 2017-Shoot For A Cure

Howdy All,

Well, it’s time!!!!   The Shoot For A Cure, breast cancer match, will be held on Sunday, October 15.  The gates will open at 1000, safety meeting at 1145, opening ceremony at 1200 and match at 1230.  I’m not item dropping but we have several things for sale, auction and raffle; like a pistol, bullets, primers, and action jobs.  There are many other worthy items but don’t want to tell all, got to leave some surprises for Sunday.  Got your attention now?  Good!! The big announcement is that ALL money will go to an area Relay For Life team.  West Point Gun Club will not keep a penny of any money collected; in fact, they are contributing $5 for each person that will pre-register for the match and come Sunday.  I so far have 27 shooters registered.  Come on people, let me know that you are coming and then show up!!  We need you to make this match successful.

Please let me know ASAP if you haven’t all ready and if you are planning on attending.  If you know that you can’t make it but would like to donate please get a check in the mail NOW and made payable to the American Cancer Society.  I will be turning in all money at the Sunday match.

Attached are the stages for Sunday.  I think this will be a fun match.  Please bring your smiling faces and warm hearts to the match but in case you haven’t gotten it yet, WE NEED YOU TO MAKE THIS HAPPEN!!!

Email me that you are coming:

Send checks made payable to: American Cancer Society

Sassy Shooting Sours

3030 King William Ave.

West Point, VA. 23181

See ya Sunday!!


Mattaponi Sundowners SHOOT FOR A CURE 2017.docx
Mattaponi Sundowners SHOOT FOR A CURE 2017.pdf

Fall Member Range Work Day – Saturday October 7th, 2017

Members of the West Point Gun Club,

We will be holding our Fall Member Work Day on Saturday, October 7th, 2017, starting at 8:30 am and continuing until all of the work is completed.

In order for our range to remain open and functioning we need the membership to step up and contribute their fare share of work and support. So please mark this day on your calendars and come on out on Saturday, October 7th and help us keep our club in top operational order. 

The wooden target frames will be repaired and the cardboard backers replaced, the 100 yard target stands in Bay #1 will be repaired as needed, the three shooting bays will be cleared and raked, trash will be picked up along the road and various other maintenance items. In addition, we are going to work on pruning back trees and brush along the range roads and other range areas.

We could use some cordless screw guns / batteries for the cardboard backers, pole saws, branch cutters, maybe a chain saw for the pruning, and yard rakes for cleaning the bays.

The entire range will be closed to all shooting during the work day.